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News Xiaomi Black Shark Gaming Smartphone

Xiaomi didn’t have a lot of smartphone plans for this year yet, well, besides maybe a few (keywords: Xiaomi Mi 7, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S & Xiaomi Redmi Note 5). Apparently they also have enough time and capacity to start targeting the gaming smartphone market as well. On April 13th, the Xiaomi Black Shark gaming smartphone has been introduced, which comes with strong hardware and customized gaming software.

News CHUWI HiGame Mini PC

After the great success of the CHUWI SurBook and the CHUWI CoreBook, the Chinese manufacturer has announced another Indiegogo campaign. This time, however, it’s not a surface clone, but a mini tower PC, CHUWI HiGame Gaming Mini PC, which will be equipped with an Intel i5-8305G combination processor, among other things. This was only released in January and combines a fast Intel processor with an AMD Radeon RX Vega M GL graphics unit.

News Leagoo S9 Smartphone Display

The Leagoo S9 set out to be the cheapest iPhone X clone and seems to keep its promise. For the equivalent of about 130 dollar, the smartphone can now be purchased in advance. We already had the opportunity to get a first impression at the MWC in Barcelona in February. Now we are curious whether the not undisputed manufacturer will be able to use the smartphone to restore the tarnished reputation to some extent.

News Xiaomi Oculus Go Facebook Advertising

An important cooperation: At CES, Facebook announced new details about the VR glasses “Oculus Go“, revealing that Xiaomi and Oculus have probably worked together more often in the past. For example, the PR glasses are manufactured by the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi, and the Chinese are also launching their own variant for China. The VR glasses now released by Facebook do not need a cable, a computer or a smartphone.