Ninebot go-kart kit for Segway Mini – crowdfunding project enters final phase

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Why does Ninebot make a go-kart? Maybe just because they can. And we can’t help but think it’s really great at first, because how can you not like go-karts? What’s behind it, how you can get one, you can read here.

Ninebot Segway Gokart race track

Crowdfunding project from China

Ninebot are now one of the pioneers in e-mobility. After they bought Segway with the help of a financial injection from Xiaomi in 2015, they regularly launch new models on the market. And even though Xiaomi is not officially involved, you read about “Xiaomi Ninebot” again and again. Our last experience with the brand were the E-Skates Ninebot Segway Drift W1. The newest and perhaps most spectacular creation so far is now the Ninebot Gokart.

The project is financed by Ninebot through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and at the time of this article had reached approximately 700,000 US dollars.

Ninebot Segway Gokart

Go-kart to build yourself

The vehicle is not a go-kart in the classic sense, but an attachment for the Segway Mini Pro, Segway’s balance scooter. The concept is not new, already shortly after the first appearance of the Hoverboards such simple steering attachments were found, with which the board is transformed into a kind of Kart. And it also led to creative versions like the one shown below – no joke, it was sold that way.

Garden Chair Upgrade for Hoverboard

The kart is a significant upgrade. You can’t tell that it consists of two parts, except maybe for the narrow wheelbase of the rear tires. The Segway Mini is only about half a meter wide. The length of the go-kart is adjustable so that adults and children can ride it. People between 1.35 m and 1.90 m should find space on the kart. The maximum permissible weight is 100 kg.

Ninebot Segway go-kart sizes
Thanks to its adjustable size, it can be driven by adults and children alike.

The top speed is 24 km/h. It doesn’t look like much at first glance, but the kart should be able to be driven by children without hesitation. The speed can be throttled additionally, two lower steps allow maximum speeds of 8 and 18 km/h respectively. These can be adjusted – how could it be otherwise – via an app. There you can also see statistics about the trip. The range with one battery charge should be 20 km.

In the Indiegogo campaign you can get the go-kart attachment for $669 or the complete go-kart for $1149. With GearBest the kart is listed with $1713.17, with Banggood for only $1102.53. But it is not orderable yet. This is a proud price for a “toy”, but a more than appropriate price for a go-kart with electric motor.

But who is really willing to spend this sum? We find the concept interesting and go-karts themselves good anyway, but remain sceptical. What is your opinion?

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  • Profile picture from Randy m. Horacek $r.
    # 03.10.18 um 14:25

    Randy m. Horacek $r.


  • Profile picture from Julita
    # 07.10.18 um 17:52


    cool idea!!!!

  • Profile picture from Papy Kool
    # 09.10.18 um 15:53

    Papy Kool

    I'm gonna make one with solar captor for here in Quebec. That's a very interesting KOOL gift for my grandchildren !

  • Profile picture from Felixthecat
    # 10.10.18 um 02:45


    Looks like fun i hope it comes to the States!

  • Profile picture from sbot
    # 18.11.18 um 04:31


    I don't think it's too much. I rode my kids mini, more than him. They're worth eavry penny.

  • Profile picture from Jakob Nelson
    # 13.12.18 um 01:29

    Jakob Nelson

    If you give me one, I promise to ride it everyday?

  • Profile picture from Alipay 5
    # 03.07.19 um 08:30

    Alipay 5

    Well in China available for 5000rmb from Xiaomi, arround 725 US-Dollar.

    • Profile picture from Maike
      # 03.07.19 um 10:15

      Maike CG team

      @Alipay 5
      do you have a shoplink, where you can buy the Go Kart for that price or is that just in the official Xiaomi Stores?

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