Ultralight Nitecore NU32 headlamp with 550 lumen for $32.07

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

It’s summer again! The days are already getting shorter again, but the nights are also getting warmer. This year, camping holidays in the neighbouring state are a good alternative to normal holidays. If you want to set up your camp in the wilderness, you usually need light. And Nitecore provides that with its NU32 headlamp.

For those who want to turn night into day, the 1000 lumens Nitecore HC60 is a better choice, but the waterproof NU32 doesn’t need to hide (it can’t hide when it’s on). The 550 lumens at a 100° wide angle are easily enough to illuminate a good 120m. A hinge also allows you to tilt the lamp down if you need to use tools or set up your camping chair.

Nitecore NU32 Headlamp Lumen

A big advantage of the lamp is its weight: the NU32 weighs less than 100g. Also thanks to the absence of classic batteries. So your old Micro-USB cable is useful again. Nevertheless, we would have liked to have a USB-C port. The 1800 mAh battery shouldn’t let you down even on longer tours, on the second highest level with 190 lumens, it still comes up to 17 hours of operation. Weight and running time make it a great gadget for joggers.

Four brightness levels of the white main LED, a red light and 2 floodlight LEDs for the near surroundings offer the appropriate light source for all imaginable situations on a trip into the green. For example, the floodlight LEDs are great for reading in the dark, while the red light makes you virtually invisible to the local wildlife (no stupid mosquitoes or unicorns to bite you).

On top of that there are of course 2 modes for emergencies: S.O.S and Beacon. You can switch between the different lamps and modes with the two buttons on top.

So Nitecore has an allrounder for anglers, joggers, campers and people who just like to wear a headlamp, for not too much money and a strong weight/luminosity ratio. In the comparable segment there is probably no comparable package from such a proven manufacturer.

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