OBSBOT Tiny PTZ AI Webcam with 2-Axis Gimbal & Gesture Control for $199/229€ from Amazon

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The OBSBOT Tiny AI Webcam takes online training/seminars and live streaming to the next level. Thanks to the 2-axis gimbal, AI tracking and gesture control, it offers interactive possibilities. Find out how well it works in practice and for whom the not quite inexpensive AI Webcam is worthwhile here!


Technical data

GimbalPan: -150° ~ +150° Tilt: -45° ~ +45°
Video resolution1920×1080, 1280×720, 960×540, 848×480, 640×360
Zoom2-fold digital
AudioIntegrated dual microphones
Supported systemsWindows 7, 8 , 10 or later; Mac OS X 10.7 or later
Supported softwareSkype, Zoom, Meet, Cisco, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and more
Dimensions89.5 x 58 x 58mm

Packaging & Scope of Delivery

The OBSBOT Tiny comes in a standard cardboard box with red accents. The camera is pictured on the front, and there is some technical information on the back.

OBSBOT Tiny AI Webcam scope of delivery

In addition to the camera itself, the scope of delivery includes a 1.5-meter USB-C cable that is also sufficient for a distance between the tower on the floor and the desk, a magnetic holder that can be used to fix the camera to a monitor, for example, and of course an instruction manual.

Design & workmanship

The OBSBOT Tiny is, as the name suggests, actually quite small. It measures 89.5 x 58 x 58 mm and weighs just 146 grams. This allows you to place it on a laptop monitor without the weight of the camera changing the monitor angle.

OBSBOT Tiny Webcam Screen Holder
Holds on a laptop display too!

There is also a standard 3/4 inch thread on the bottom, which can also be used to attach the camera to a tripod, for example. To achieve the low weight, OBSBOT relies on a lightweight plastic that is completely in a dark gray.

OBSBOT Tiny on monitor

On the back is the USB-C port, which connects the camera to the PC and also powers it. A high-plug connector sits above the USB-C port, but there is no matching power adapter for it in the box – what it is even there for is not mentioned anywhere.

OBSBOT Tiny USB C port
The LED bar shows the current status of the camera

The plastic used makes a good impression, the case is neatly glued and there is no excess adhesive residue or anything like that.

Camera & Video Quality

The OBSBOT Tiny delivers a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD) with 30 frames per second. However, in the PC/Max software, the quality can be reduced in several gradations, which is quite useful depending on the internet connection.

OBSBOT Tiny on laptop monitor

In testing, I would describe the camera image as average. The level of detail is certainly okay, but it doesn’t really blow me away. But you always have to keep in mind that the image that the other person sees is usually compressed again.


The built-in gimbal is a 2-axis suspension. The swivel angle is 150° to the left and right, for a total of 300°.

The tilt angle is 45° down and up respectively, so the OBSBOT Tiny allows a large possible field of view in space and you can move quite freely.

OBSBOT Tiny Software for Windows and Mac

Unfortunately, the camera cannot be used with a cell phone, at least currently there is software only for Windows and Mac. This software provides the necessary device drivers so that the camera can be used as a webcam by third party programs. (Skype, Zoom, Youtube, Twitch etc.)

OBSBOT Tiny App Tracking Modes
Three tracking modes are available in the software

The user interface of the OBSBOT Tiny software is clear and without many bells and whistles. There is a virtual joystick that can be used to manually move the camera. In addition, you can make various settings here.

Even more possibilities with multiple cameras

If you connect a second OBSBOT Tiny to your computer, it is immediately recognized by the software. Via button it is now possible to switch between the two (or more) cameras and to configure them manually independently from each other.


In programs such as Skype or similar, it is then also possible to switch between the two cameras live. A Big Brother show at home? With the OBSBOT Tiny, that would be no problem in the test! 😀

AI functions

The OBSBOT Tiny is not only special because of its 2-axis gimbal, but also or even more so because of AI tracking. It is able to recognize faces and two hand gestures.

If you raise the flat palm of your hand, the camera recognizes and follows your face, allowing you to walk around the room without having to operate the camera. This works surprisingly well in the test; raising the flat hand again ends the tracking.

OBSBOT Tiny Follow Mode

Once the camera is fixed on you, you can move freely within the pan and tilt range of the gimbal. Even getting closer or further away from the camera does not cause the camera to stop tracking in the test. This feature is really useful when you switch between the workstation and the tablet in the stream, for example.

The second gesture is similar. The palm of the hand is shown again, but only the thumb and index finger are raised. Thus, the camera zooms in and out 2-fold – digitally, so unfortunately with a loss of picture quality. In the editorial team, we disagree on whether this gesture is supposed to symbolize a two or a zoom gesture, as you would use it on a touchscreen.

Either way, this gesture also works flawlessly and allows the user to take a closer look with a simple gesture, but unfortunately with a loss of quality due to a digital zoom.


The OBSBOT Tiny, with its price of 229€/$199, is far from being a bargain and in my opinion is simply too expensive for private use, unless perhaps you are streaming hobby-wise. For normal video telephony, a Gimbal AI webcam is not necessary in my opinion.

However, if you hold online seminars, trainings or the like, then the OBSBOT Tiny AI Webcam is a really good way to make your presentations/lectures or the like more interactive and thus more interesting!

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