Oclean Flow Toothbrush with USB-C for $32.99

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The Oclean toothbrushes have already become quite popular in the past. Now a new model in the low price segment follows, which we could test: the Oclean Flow toothbrush. It not only convinces with USB-C charging. It also comes with a so-called water flosser, the Oclean W10 mouth shower.

Oclean Flow toothbrush backside

For the launch of the new Oclean toothbrush and oral irrigator, there are a few extras from Oclean and bundle offers. You can find them here.

Technical details of the Oclean Flow

Oclean Flow
Oclean Flow Toothbrush
Oclean F1
Oclean F1 Toothbrush
Oclean Air 2
Oclean Air 2 Electric Toothbrush Product Image
Price without offer ca.~$30~40$~40$
Battery life in standby180 days30 days40 days
Loading time2h2,5h
Cleaning levelsfivethreetwo
Size19,2 x 3,1 cm23,5 x 2,4 cm

Simple and straightforward

The scope of delivery is, as usual for Oclean, again very minimalistic. Of course, the toothbrush, a short manual, a toothbrush head and a USB-C charging cable are included.

Oclean Flow toothbrush scope of delivery

Travel toothbrush by charging via USB-C?

In particular, charging via USB-C is quite practical in my opinion, since you usually already have enough of these cables at home due to other gadgets. Especially since the portability of the toothbrush is advertised here. Of course, we are not on the same level as the Oclean X Pro, which is not only more expensive, but also offers app support. The Oclean Flow is more comparable to the Oclean F1 or Oclean Air 2. In contrast to the two, it convinces with an extra long runtime.

Oclean Flow toothbrush chargingport

The 2,500 mAh battery lasts for about 180 days in standard mode. That is quite a number compared to the other two models, which only last 30 and 40 days, respectively. In any case, I did not even come close to the 180 days in the short test period. My Oral-B, on the other hand, has to stand on its small charging station every day. It is also a few years old, but the weakening of the charge level is always accompanied 1 to 1 with a weakening of the performance, I could not determine that with the Oclean toothbrush.

Oclean Flow product details

As I said, there is no charging station, instead the cap can be opened at the bottom of the toothbrush and charged there via the USB port. However, we do not yet know how long the process takes, because as I said, I have never had to charge, I estimate a maximum of 4 hours based on the size of the battery and the average power, which is completely within reason if you only have to do it every 180 days.

5 modes with 5 intensity levels

The Oclean Flow has 5 different modes: morning, night, standard, whitening and gentle mode. The modes are clicked through using the button and then each light up with their matching icons on the toothbrush. These then indicate varying levels of intensity. Standard is 38,000 vibrations per minute.

Oclean Flow modes

This is not only very easy to use, but also looks pretty cool. Overall, the design of the toothbrush is appealing. Either in classic white with gray gradations or in blue gradient, the toothbrush looks very nice for the price.

Oclean Flow toothbrush modes

Personally, for example, the Morning Mode or Gentle Mode did not appeal to me at all. I use the first time in my life a sonic toothbrush, but maybe I’m spoiled by the Oral-B, but that just tickled and distracted from the actual cleaning process. Night Mode was my favorite, not too much tickling and teeth feel very clean and smooth after brushing. The toothbrush also turns off automatically after 2 minutes, very helpful.

Oclean Flow toothbrush brush

The brush head makes a very, very cheap impression at the beginning. This is really pure plastic with a few bristles on it. Instead of the usual round design of Oral-B attachments, plus in my case even extra fancy 3D White with small rubber nipple in the middle, it seems very unkind and makes you think a little of the old travel toothbrushes that you just had to plug together.

Oclean Flow toothbrush

Overall, however, I have to say that I am more than satisfied with the cleaning and performance of the toothbrush. Once you get used to the device, it does a more than solid job for the price. However, the toothbrush could be a bit more grippy, especially in contact with water, and the attachment brush a bit higher quality.

Oclean w10 mouth shower

First of all, the term oral irrigator is not really appropriate for me personally, Water Flosser sounds somehow more appealing. But apart from that, the Oclean W10 oral irrigator was also newly announced and looks, like the toothbrushes, also very stylish.

Oclean w10 mouth shower

There was not really much information about the device before, except that it also has 5 different modes like the Oclean Flow. Among other things, a sensitive mode for sensitive teeth. This can be recognized by the three smaller dots on the device. You turn on the device via the power button, it starts directly(!) Water to suck and spray. You can set the modes via the button below.

Oclean w10 mouth shower charging

The waterproof cover is also located there, behind which a USB-C charging port is hidden. Again, I have not yet reached the point where I have to charge the device, but we will have to see how long the runtime really is.

Oclean w10 mouth shower scope of delivery

The package also includes 4 different attachments for different applications. I haven’t quite figured out which attachment is best to use for which purpose, but the standard attachment does the job for now.

Oclean w10 mouth shower attachment

Thus, you have to fill the water tank before putting it into operation. This is very simple, as you can simply remove it at the bottom and click it back on. It is even easier if you open the silver flap at the top of the handle and fill it. Really a lot of water does not fit in, maximum 2 applications, but of course that always depends on the use.

Oclean w10 mouth shower water tank

Actually, it should also announce the approaching end of the filling level, but I did not really notice, except that at some point just no more water came.

Converted fan of the mouth shower?

I’m still unsure, of course the device looks incredibly stylish, which is why I prefer to have it in my bathroom as well. But the use is really getting used to and needs, I think just more time. The first few applications I have also put more me and the bathroom under water, than really cleaned my teeth, I think, and also otherwise I have just not really warmed up to it. For sensitive teeth, you can select the extra mode and also not necessarily fill it with ice cold water, but there is still decent pressure on it. Not necessarily painful for me, but also not really pleasant.

I remain a fan of dental floss, even if I would like to give the oral irrigator a chance for a little longer, because as awkward as the operation, handling and everything else was, it cleaned the interdental spaces very well.

A travel toothbrush and the right mouth shower?

Overall, Oclean simply knows how to convince with their toothbrushes. And not just visually. And also in the test, the Oclean Flow convinces, it is easy to use, delivers very long power with different intensity levels and simply does not need much more. Only the grip and the attachments could be improved. The Oclean Flow oral irrigator and I have not really warmed to each other, but who is a fan of water flossers, gets here a good device, chic design, various attachments and decent water pressure in one package.

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  • Profile picture from Louie Faye Lapez
    # 15.09.21 um 17:44

    Louie Faye Lapez

    This Oclean Flow toothbrush is brilliant. It does not just have a good battery life but also it comes with a W10 mouth shower. Amazing!

  • Profile picture from Khloe Turner
    # 17.09.21 um 09:51

    Khloe Turner

    My Oclean just arrived last week, and it's giving me good results. The battery is good and I love that it has five modes too!

  • Profile picture from Elaiza
    # 19.09.21 um 07:28


    This electric toothbrush is easy to use and works effectively to clean plaque from my teeth and gums.

  • Profile picture from Janine
    # 18.10.21 um 16:44


    Great toothbrush! Especially for those who want amazing battery life and great quality (all the five modes with different intensities work very well).

  • Profile picture from Alicia Blane
    # 28.09.22 um 13:34

    Alicia Blane

    Be warned, most of these so called hackers are imposters, Iíve been ripped off 4 times already, thankfully my friend gave me a reliable contact, he works with discretion and delivers, he does all sorts of hacks, I would prefer to let his services speak for itself, you can contact him email….  wizcyber on Wickr or (might have to download wicker app) , if he asks where you got his contact you can say from Lisa.

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