OPPO X 2021: Concept smartphone with retractable display presented

Currently the OPPO Inno Days are taking place in China, an event to present new concepts and innovations of the manufacturer. The highlight is the OPPO X 2021, a concept smartphone with a retractable or roll-out OLED display!

OPPO X 2021 Smartphone

From 6.7″ to 7.4″ Display

Now that several manufacturers have already presented foldable smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 or concepts such as the TCL Slide, it is now OPPO’s turn. They have introduced the OPPO X 2021 Smartphone with retractable display. The display diagonal of the smartphone can be enlarged from an already large 6.7″ to an impressive 7.4″ with a “click”. This is triggered much less by a click than by a wiping gesture on the housing frame of the smartphone, which causes the integrated OLED display to roll out.

OPPO X 2021 Smartphone retractable display

This is because OPPO uses two motors that roll out the display together to prevent damage. But the special feature is that the display can be extended only as far as you want. For example, you can also enlarge the screen to 7 inches instead of the full 7.4″.

OPPO X 2021 metal plate

In contrast to some foldable smartphones, no visible folds or creases are visible, at least on the videos circulating so far. The manufacturer has solved this problem by integrating a 6.8 mm arc on the left side of the screen over which the flexible OLED display can roll.


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The screen is also supported by an extra plate from below. To make this technology so feasible, OPPO has also developed a dynamic frame, in which an inner frame slides into the outer frame during the rolling movement to stabilize the panel. This means that a large part of the back of the panel is also displaced, as can be seen in the video.


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How the OPPO X 2021 is otherwise equipped, we do not know yet. Logically, it is only a concept smartphone, which will not find its way to the market in this form. Similar to fashion or the automotive industry, these concepts are only an indicator of what is possible in the future. Unfortunately, the OPPO X 2021 in this form is not yet suitable for mass production. But what do you think of the retractable displays? What purpose do you see for them?

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