Practical organizer for passport and ticket for $3.35

At the airport you are easily stressed anyway, so handling your passport, boarding card and cash can get annoying. After the travel organizer for electronics already was well received, here we have a organizer bag for just those documents that you have to have at the airport.

organizer bag

The bag is not much bigger than a wallet, but offers enough space for a passport. This is usually the most important document, depending on where you go on holiday, but which you always need when you travel by plane.

The silver-white aircraft on the outside gives the otherwise monochrome bag a somewhat more official look. But there are many similar bags at similar prices, which you can easily find if you search for them e.g. on AliExpress. Just look at this model as representative of the other bags.

Passport Organizer Bag
The interior of the bag – Here with Korean passport.

In addition to the passport, there is space for other items in the various compartments; this is where the boarding pass, possible train tickets for the connection or credit cards come to mind. It can also be used to replace your wallet during your holiday. So if you’ve ever been annoyed that the passport is too big for your wallet, I don’t even have to explain the benefits. ?

The bag is closed with a well processed zipper. Unfortunately, this cannot be said of the seams, which, as can be seen in the photos, have already been partially removed. But the fabric itself makes a good impression and does not smell unpleasant.

Passport Organizer Bag seams
On the back is another compartment

Not everyone will have use for the bag, some people prefer to carry the passport in their trouser pockets or simply never felt the need for such a bag. And strictly speaking, the gadget is nothing more than a mixture of purse and toilet bag. With the price for the bag, however, you will be happy if you have always been looking for exactly that.

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