ORICO USB hub for the tabletop with 4 ports for $18.99 at Amazon

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

The manufacturer ORICO is known for always thinking its products a little further. The self-adhesive cable holder is a classic, the ORICO USB hub for the tabletop is no less practical.


For mounting on the desk

The ORICO USB hub for the tabletop already looks different from ordinary hubs, it is not as compact and just not “smooth”. Instead, they have integrated a screw and designed the hub so that it can be attached to the tabletop. For this, the clearance between the two sides is up to 3.2 cm thick, but at least 1 cm thin. The thickness can be adjusted with the screw, on the opposite side there is silicone, so that there are no scratches on the tabletop.

ORICO USB-Hub 4 Ports

Our IKEA desk from the office would easily fit in between with a thickness of 2.6 cm. Fortunately, the manufacturer also uses aluminum instead of plastic here. The hub is available in two colors: silver and black. The dimensions are 8.9 x 4.6 x 2.3 cm.

ORICO USB-Hub 4 Ports adjustable

The hub is designed to be attached to the tabletop in such a way that the USB ports point upwards accordingly. However, if your tabletop is on some kind of frame, you can also try to attach it there. The four USB-A ports are the biggest drawback of the hub. Only USB-A, no USB-C. However, this is acceptable since the hub is only intended for data transfer and not for charging. There is a USB-A and a micro-USB input on the back. Data is transferred at up to 5 Gbps.


The ORICO USB hub for the tabletop is not intended for charging, but for data transfer. Accordingly, it should be permanently connected to the computer or notebook. Since you can attach it to the tabletop, it is space-saving. However, I would have been happy to have at least one SD slot. For a hub of this type, it is priced within reason and relatively unique. But if you don’t need this design, you can get this 4-port hub from ORICO for a bit less money!

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