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What's going on in our office all day? Exciting insights and previews to the latest gadgets on Instagram!

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What's going on in our office all day? Exciting insights and previews to the latest gadgets on Instagram! 🤳
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Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Leak

Shortly before New Year’s Eve, Xiaomi, with the Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Smartwatch, quickly announced a new gadget at the last minute. Compared to the Xiaomi Mi Watch, the “color version” is round, not square and will be available in China as early as January 3rd. Find out what you already know about the new watch here!

Deerma HX20 Shoe Dryer pair of shoes

The Derma HX20 shoe dryer can not only dry shoes! At the same time it also fights bad odours and bacteria thanks to its built-in ceramic ozone generator. With its U-shaped outlets and extendable hose, it dries up to two pairs of shoes efficiently at the same time. Find out what else the Deerma HX20 can do here!

Bebird M9 Pro App

“Earwax”, when I hear that word already, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Wrongly so, actually, because the cerumen ensures cleanliness in the auditory canal. Reason enough for the Chinese to produce a smart gadget with the Bebird M9 Pro that can gently remove earwax and “analyze” it.

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Shipping and customs

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