Xiaomi Mijia cordless drill in profile

Xiaomi has been in the tool business for a while now, and in addition to precision mechanic sets, there is already a cordless screwdriver under the Mijia brand. Now they are crowdfunding a new cordless drill from Xiaomi Mijia on their own platform YouPin in China. With 30 nm of torque and up to 1300 RPM, you should be able to drill various materials and the whole thing should have a modern design.

SKG massage device charging

You sleep with your head five centimeters too far to the side – and bang, you have a stiff neck. Where a warm cloth and kneading with the hands no longer helps, perhaps something else is needed. Electric shocks for example. The SKG massage device is supposed to massage the neck and relieve pain with electrical impulses in addition to a heat treatment.

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