A good figure with the pen holder in the shape of a cat from $1.21

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

You would have to be a tomcat, wouldn’t you? Resting all day, annoying the master and having no task. But that’s not the case with these cute pen holders, whose job it is to hold your headphones, cables or pens all day long.

Pen holder Coffin Dance

A case for the cat!

The pen holders are made of plastic and are 5.3 cm tall. The cats are available in six different colors. They differ in the color of their fur and partly also in the eye color. I would find it nice if the cats also had other moves on it to get so some variation.

Pen holder size

About holding up their paws strong pets can carry various small things such as pens, headphones and keys. If you buy a set of at least three cats, you can build a small pyramid from them. Due to the low dead weight of cats, it is difficult to place objects without it falling over.

Pen holder Pyramid

The four-legged friends could have a place on desks, the shoe cabinet or on the shelf. Due to their fancy dance moves, the cats are decorative, also eye-catching.


I find the pen holders as small cats fancy and for one or the other laugh really not bad. Due to the low weight of the cat, it can quickly times topple over. Carrying the items still does not look bad.

For a price of $1.21 per piece, you can give away the pen holder also super for Secret Santa or birthday, to make so his family and friends a joy. Further animal support, for example, when reading you get with the animal bookmarks.

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