Pet shower head for your four-legged friend for $11.47

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For many people the dog is not only a pet, but a real family member! Of course you enjoy doing something good for your companion and taking him/her to lakes, into the forest or to the sea. After the frolic there is usually a thorough cleaning on the program and this is exactly where this gadget comes into play.

Pet shower head

The dog heaven on earth?

The pet shower head is not only a simple small shower head, but also a massage brush thanks to many small rubber studs. Measuring 100 x 80 mm, the shower head fits well in the palm of the hand and weighs only 325 g (including hose).

Pet Shower Brush
This is what the dog heaven on earth must look like. ?

The shower head is attached to the back of the hand with a 260 mm long elastic band with a size-adjustable buckle fastener. This washes your pet – and at the same time your fingers are free for one or two petting sessions.

Pet shower head with hose
Directly at the brush there is a grey shut-off valve.

The enclosed hose has a length of about 2.4 m (8 feet). At its ends it is wrapped in springs to avoid kinking.

Pet shower head with garden hose connection

The manufacturer uses a standard garden hose adapter for the water connection, a corresponding adapter for the tap is included in the scope of delivery in two versions. If both do not fit to your tap in the bathroom, you can get a corresponding thread adapter in every DIY store. What about your pet, is it a real water rat or rather afraid of water?

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