Phaewo CX-QXJ100 Electric cleaning brush for $80.71

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When you think you’ve already seen everything and thought through everything to keep the four walls clean. Or: When the mission of clean apartments goes into the next round, but you have no idea what is in the package. The journey of discovery of an electric cleaning brush.

Phaewo electric cleaning brush small

I hope you are not angry with me if I omit the product name “CX-QXJ100” in the following and speak of “Phaewo“. Of course I can always copy-paste this wilfully compiled combination of numbers and letters, but that’s a bit bulky and hinders my writing as well as your reading flow. If you see it differently, write it in the comments and I’ll exchange it everywhere. Let’s go now!

Packaging and scope of delivery

I am accustomed to the vacuum robot and battery-powered vacuum cleaner tests, that the large packages that are handed in at the editorial office are almost always for me. Usually the packaging is extremely unwieldy, heavy and sometimes strangely sorted. None of this applies to the packaging of the Phaewo – not a particularly important factor, but from my point of view not completely irrelevant either.

Phaewo electric cleaning brush Packaging
Looks bigger than it is and can also be transported under the arm.

In the well-assorted scope of delivery you will find:

  • electric cleaning brush
  • Extension rod (handle)
  • Station for setting up the brush with metal holder
  • three different brush attachments
  • cleaning sponge
  • charger cable
  • Operating instructions in English
Phaewo electric cleaning brush Scope of delivery
And what exactly is here for what? Ah, there’s the manual.

To be honest, I was a bit perplexed when unpacking the individual contents, I hadn’t exactly dealt with the gadget in advance and simply unpacked it. It took three minutes and a look into the manual, which hadn’t happened for a long time, to understand what I had in front of me. In itself, however, it is clear what belongs where and what does. More about that now.

Design and workmanship

In fact, I am pleasantly surprised by the two evaluation points mentioned in the title. The design is a matter of taste, but due to the really good workmanship of the device you can find the cleaning brush visually appealing. In fact, I had already been able to test some gadgets with similar functions in advance, which were below average in terms of workmanship. I had expected that with the Phaewo – and was positively surprised.

Phaewo electric cleaning brush with attachment
Due to the good workmanship, the Phaewo looks a lot better.

Nothing jolts where it shouldn’t, nowhere can processing errors be found. With an extension rod you get a total length of 119 cm, which is the length of an average battery-powered vacuum cleaner. CE markings are included, the front brush head can be angled by almost 90° via a joint.

A kind of charging station?

Well, more like some kind of storage station. Included in the delivery is a station that can be placed on the floor to set up the cleaning brush. It can be placed there with or without an extension rod, without the whole construction toppling over. The station is made of cheap plastic, which is why you first assume that it will tip over with the cleaning brush at the slightest breeze. But it doesn’t, it remains very stable.

Phaewo electric cleaning brush Charging station
Does that look modern now? Or rather funny?

Included is a metal holder for stowing the individual brush attachments (right in the picture). The metal frame looks wobbly at first glance, but holds the attachments. Although not extremely safe, the attachments remain on the poles without external influence.

Phaewo electric cleaning brush Station
Seems a little wobbly, but holds everything.

The small plastic station is not there to load the brush, but only to put it down. The charging cable is plugged into the back of the brush. After a charging time of two and a half hours, the brush is ready for use for a solid 90 minutes. This is definitely enough for tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, a few windows and the car rims. The battery life of course depends on which cleaning level, how much dirt, etc. is used.

The LED display of the cleaning brush

Practically, the Phaewo has an LED display above the brush head on which the battery status can be seen. Directly next to the battery level, the cleaning level is shown in colour: Green for the first stage, red for the second stage.

Phaewo electric cleaning brush Display
The display of the Phaewo.

But there is one disadvantage you will notice quite quickly when looking at the display: It is difficult to see what is written on it. On the photos here it really works, but in real life you can only see the numbers well under certain light conditions.

Phaewo electric cleaning brush Display suction stage
Is that a 19? The display can only be read in certain lighting conditions.

Different attachments for different applications

What do I use the device for now? For which applications is it intended? Wherever you would have too much scrubbing work with a normal brush. Tiles in the bathroom, windows, on the lower cleaning level even dishes. Depending on what you want to clean, a different attachment is of course more suitable. It’s a good thing that several are included.

Phaewo electric cleaning brush attachments choice
Ladies and gentlemen, please select your brush attachment.

The green fluff attachment is best suited for smoother surfaces such as car, glass or hard floors. The fluffy round attachment is best for sensitive furniture, the toilet or shower. The foam attachment is best suited for windows and glass surfaces. The bristly colleague is used on stairs, doors or in other coarser areas.

Phaewo electric cleaning brush attachments Areas of application
Four attachments for countless applications. A work of art?

Operation and working

Then, of course, you have to consider whether you want to use water with detergents or similar mixtures. Of course, this depends on the object to be cleaned. Then it can start. What you will notice after just a few minutes of working: Without the extension rod you can apply a little more power than with the long rod. You also have to use two hands so that you can work with it for a longer period of time without any problems.

Phaewo electric cleaning brush Operation
Almost everything you can imagine can be done with an electric brush.

The motor of the Phaewo works with 84 W and is driven by two 7.4 V batteries with 2000 mAh each (in total 4000 mAh). The battery is permanently installed and can only be replaced with technical know-how. The fact that the brush head can be moved by almost 90° at the front is very practical in some situations.

Phaewo Electric Cleaning Brush Design Attachment
A real work facilitation for everyday life.

The Phaewo reminds a bit of an electric toothbrush, you hold the brush over the object to be cleaned – and you don’t have to do much about yourself anymore. Just move something over it and it actually makes it a lot cleaner. Depending on the pressure you exert, you’ll also get rid of harder dirt. However, you can’t get into every corner and every angle with the quite large device. But where it gets you, the Phaewo does a really good job – without us having to work a lot.

After use, you simply hang the wet attachment on the shelf of the station and let it dry.

Conclusion: Buy Phaewo CX-QXJ100 electric cleaning brush?

The Phaewo CX-QXJ100 is definitely a good addition to the household for various applications. The cleaning results are convincing, the application possibilities are varied and the scope of delivery is generous. Only the hard-to-read LED display and the somewhat cheap-looking station in which the brush is placed are really noticeable minus points. Of course, to be fair, I have to mention that I haven’t had a comparable model of this kind in my hand yet.

If the household helper is worth the price, everybody has to know for himself. Comparable models are in a similar price range. My assessment: Those who have the money and need reinforcement in the budget do not do anything wrong with this.


  • almost no physical effort with device
  • Processing and scope of delivery
  • good cleaning results


  • LED display difficult to read
  • doesn’t come into every corner

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