Pika Pika! Pikachu! Xiaomi special editions in the design of the iconic Pokémon

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We have never seen Xiaomi products in such a design before. From headphones to suitcases, some Xiaomi products are now available in the cuddly Pikachus design. Can the charm of the red-cheeked ball of fur convince you too?

Xiaomi Pikachu Edition Total

Normally, individual products get a special edition and that’s it. Not so with the mascot of the Pokémon series, because five items from the Xiaomi universe receive the Pikachu Edition. Let’s take a look at the individual versions.

The Perfect Duo: Electric Pokémon & Powerbank

Xiaomi Pikachu Edition Powerbank 3

We’ll start with a classic from the company, the Xiaomi Powerbank 3. In the Pikachu edition, the Powerbank’s case is completely yellow and on the front we now find the electric Pokémon. The actual hardware, however, remains the same. The Powerbank has a battery capacity of 10.000 mAh and 18 W charging. More about this in our article.

Xiaomi Pikachu Edition Air 2s

The Xiaomi Air 2s look similar. They are now completely wrapped in yellow and have a Pikachu on the cargo cover. The headphones have not been changed except for the color.

Xiaomi Pikachu Edition Printer

The Xiaomi Mi Pocket Photo Printer also received a Pikachu edition. Here we don’t find the whole head of Pikachu anymore, but only his face. Of course this doesn’t change anything about the cuteness.

Quickly closed

The Xiaomi 10L backpack and suitcase will of course be painted yellow again. As with the Pocket Printer, only the face is on the front.

Xiaomi Pikachu Edition carry-on case

Nevertheless, they have come up with something new, because the normal zippers for pulling the zipper are now in the shape of the jagged tail of Pikachu. Inside the backpack & suitcase we also find an embroidered pattern consisting of running Pikachus.

Xiaomi Pikachu Edition Pattern

For Pokémon fans who are also fans of Xiaomi, or just love cool gadgets, Pikachu Editions are almost a must buy. That’s where we come to the problem, because they’re exclusive to China and are probably limited. Nevertheless, we were able to find at least the Xiaomi Air 2s in the Pikachu Edition in a China store. If you discover the other products, feel free to share them with the others in the comments.

How do you like the special editions and would you like to see them released here?

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