Pizza blanket (150 cm) as a beach eye-catcher for $4.98

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This summer is here again and also needs its trend. A definite candidate for the Style Award on the beach this year is the pizza blanket.

Pizza blanket

Pizza Blanket Cloth
Not only for hot beach days, but also thrown over the shoulders to warm up on cold days.

“Fun in the Sun” the Chinese are bringing us with this beach towel. The nation known as foot lover wants us to dangle our feet with the 150 centimeters length. It’s really meant to be a cloth so that you don’t lie on the sand or the ground. We recommend an additional towel because of the thin fabric. This is not only possible on the beach, but also on the home sofa, where the towel is loosely thrown over the body. First and foremost, it looks like a pure women’s shawl, but as a scarf replacement, the shawl may also be a party eye-catcher for the male population. Everybody likes pizza, right?

Pizza Blanket Dimensions
With 150 centimeters of space, there is at least enough space next to each other for someone else.

The Selfie on the beach for casual holiday photos will definitely cause some attention with this blanket. For the men who have trouble attracting attention on the beach, the beach blanket could offer a glimmer of hope. ?

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