Night light: Portable moonlight (15 cm) for 10,39€ at Amazon

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The mystical figure in the night sky, the dark side forever hidden from our gaze. Or maybe not? With the portable moonlight, no spot remains undiscovered.

The moon as a night light?

The moonlight is not exactly a floodlight, but still brings a romantic ambience to any room. The brightness can be adjusted with a power of 1 to 1.5 watts by touch, by touching the ball longer than a second. In addition, you get the option to switch between cool white and warm white light at the touch of a button. In the version linked here, many colors are even possible, so your moon can also glow blue or pink.

Due to the various setting options, the lighting duration is 8 hours. The moon with its 240 mAh battery is charged via a plug with USB connection, which can take up to the full charge gladly times 6 – 8 hours.

Due to the built-in battery, it is of course possible to take the moonlight in your hand and also carry it around. This could be especially interesting for children and generally practical for nightly toilet trips. Besides, it’s just cool to be able to take such a moon with you.

The 3D printed moonlight measures 16.7 x 15.7 x 15.6 cm and weighs about 400 grams. Conveniently, each moonlight comes with an extra wooden rack in which the moon can be safely placed without rolling away. The light is also supposed to be so pleasant that you can fall asleep relaxed while using it. The whole thing would be even better, of course, with an integrated timer 🙂 Due to the material used, however, the moon is not very robust, so he should not fall down (we have there at CG already made our own experience). Overall, however, a really nice night light.

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