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Water on, lid on, spaghetti already ready. You use the time and scroll through Instagram, Facebook or TikTok. Maybe you even watch the new China gadgets YouTube video and forget about the time. It comes as it must: A loud hiss jolts you out of your surfing and the mess is perfect. Even sillier if the pasta was already in the water and nasty stains are left on the stovetop as it evaporates. With the pot lid lifters, the problem is a thing of the past.

Pot lid lifter gymnastics around

Keep it up: Never boil over again with the pot lid lifters

Simple solution to a known problem – that’s why we love our gadgets. The pot lid lifters are no exception! The little silicone figurines can be easily placed on the rim of the pot and the risk of overcooking is minimized. Granted: If you keep provoking it, you’ll manage to get the water to boil over, but anyone who knows the old “leave the wooden spoon in the pot” trick knows that you’ll be gifted a few minutes here to avert disaster.

The lid lifters are available in different colors. In the 2-pack from Amazon, however, the males are only available in blue. The seams should be much less visible there, however, and the materials score through quality. From our point of view, the Amazon deal is also the best, because …

Pot lid lifter multifunctional

… the pot lid lifters are multifunctional tools. For cutlery, chopsticks and even smartphones they can serve as a stand. In addition, drinking glasses can be marked with it, if you have 14 “POKAL” glasses from IKEA standing around at home again. If you have directly 25 pieces in the set, you do not have to worry even at larger parties.

In all shapes and colors

Not only the little men can help you in the kitchen. These witches also serve the purpose as overcooking protectors.

Even as a wooden spoon holder, the small figures can be used.

Two more copies, which we liked a lot, already give a preview of the delicious ingredients you can use the pot lid lifters with the outer appearance.




Pot lid lifter carrot
Carrot or carrot?
Pot lid lifter Chili
We think the pot lid lifters are pretty sharp – and sharp pot lid lifters we find too!

Do you need a lid lifter?

Whether the purchase is worth it depends on you: Do you always critically observe the rising air bubbles in the water anyway or do you have an egg timer that warns you, then the wooden spoon will do to keep the gap open. But if you’ve already had experience with stubborn stains on the ceramic hob, then the lid lifter will solve ALL your problems – I promise!

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