Proscenic P10 cordless vacuum cleaner for $159 at Amazon

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The Proscenic battery vacuum cleaners are very popular at Amazon due to their low prices. With 4.6 out of 5 stars in more than 400 reviews, the Proscenic P10 vacuum cleaner is top rated, but can the low cost model convince us?

  • Proscenic P10 cordless vacuum cleaner

Technical data: Comparison to Dreame and Dyson

The Dreame V9 has long been our price performance winner under $200. Accordingly, the Proscenic P10, which is in the same price segment, has to compete here. But so that you can also understand how big the gap between the $200 Proscenic and the current top model is, we also draw the comparison to the Dyson V11 Absolute, which we were allowed to test some time ago.

Proscenic P10

Dreame V9

Dreame V9 vacuum design

Dyson V11 Absolute

Dyson V11 Absolute

Suction power22,000 pa20,000 pa24,000 pa (140 AW)
LED lightsYesNoNo
Operating Volume60, 64, 67, 72 dB (after ascending suction stage)68 dB at highest suction stage65, 68, 74 dB (after ascending suction stage, measured at a distance of 1 m)
Battery2200 mAh (exchangeable)2500 mAh (not exchangeable)3600 mAh (exchangeable with newer versions)
Working time12-40 min (depending on suction stage)60, 30, 10 min (depending on suction stage)60 min (Eco), 8 min (“Boost”, max. suction power)
Charging time3-4 h3.5 h4.5 h
Suction stagesFourThreeThree
Dust chamber0.65 l0.5 l0.7 l
Weight2.0 kg as manual vacuum cleaner1.5 kg (as manual vacuum cleaner)3.0 kg as manual vacuum cleaner
CE MarkingyesInternational Version yesyes

All three models compared have neither a wipe function nor an app. But the latter is just a gimmick. If you are looking for both in one device, take a closer look at the Roidmi NEX.

Scope of delivery

The brand’s vacuum robots, such as the Proscenic M7 Pro, were mostly able to convince me in terms of value for money. Accordingly, I was curious about the supposedly best cordless vacuum cleaner of the brand. It is included in the scope of delivery:

  • Main element with 0.65 l large dust chamber
  • Suction pipe
  • Wall bracket with three screws and dowels
  • Charging cable
  • Floor nozzle with built-in LED lights
  • various attachments
  • Crevice nozzle
  • electric mite attachment
  • Soft Brush
  • Operating instructions in different languages
The quite sumptuous scope of delivery.

The P10’s 2200 mAh battery is replaceable, which gives the vacuum cleaner a long life. A wall bracket is also included, so you can simply place the vacuum cleaner near the socket and charge the battery.

This is what the P10 attached to the wall mount may look like.

Design and finish

The included parts are a bit typical China kit, but since I tested the Dyson V11 Absolute I know that this is also the case with expensive brands. Design is always a matter of taste, the somewhat Dyson-like main element doesn’t look as high-end as it should. But apart from that, you can’t blame the vacuum cleaner in terms of design, a typical vacuum cleaner look.

Hmm, could look cool if the material was of a higher quality.

With a weight of 2.0 kg as a manual vacuum cleaner and a little over 3.7 kg as a fully assembled vacuum cleaner with suction pipe and floor nozzle, there are lighter models, but they probably do not pose a problem for anyone. Everyone should be able to cope with the dimensions, I was even able to test it: My brother scratches the 2 m body height and used the P10 when he completely cleaned his apartment for moving reasons – and was very fond of the device. So the P10 is also suitable for very tall people, very small people simply hold the vacuum cleaner a little further away from themselves.

The Proscenic P10 is also suitable for larger people.

The plastic used is neither high quality nor inferior, but average in my opinion. Neither so bad that you would not want to use the teat, but not as sexy as Dreame or Roidmi. Putting the parts together is as easy and quick as usual. Here is the only processing error from my point of view: Sometimes the suction tube does not want to snap into the main element. But since everything works nevertheless, this is negligible.

Sometimes the plugging together doesn’t want to snap.

CE markings are of course everywhere with a manufacturer such as Proscenic, which mainly sells on Amazon. Short summary: Design and workmanship are mediocre, but I find it absolutely justifiable with the low price.

The Display

Displays are debatable with battery vacuum cleaners, after all, you don’t necessarily need them. Suction levels can be changed via sliders, and the battery status can also be tracked to some extent via LED lights. As a tester, I am happy about built-in displays, but they are not really necessary.

We have hidden a mirrored Tim. Can you find it?

The following information can be read on the touch screen display:

  • Battery status (only as a battery symbol, not in percent)
  • selected suction stage (1-4)
  • Error messages

Tracing the battery status is a bit complicated. Instead of indicating it in percent (which would make sense), you only have a red or green battery symbol. Red for “battery power is decreasing” and green for “everything cool”, so to speak. The problem is that we would like to know how much longer we can continue vacuuming without the battery vacuum cleaner suddenly giving up. But we can’t, at some point the color suddenly jum

ps to red and then it’s almost too late.

The battery symbol during battery charging.

Nothing can be said against selecting the suction stage, which is an alternative type of control. The error messages are practical. If something gets stuck, the display shows us directly what is wrong and we can intervene.

Handling, performance and dust chamber

The Proscenic P10 is not self-propelled, as the Roidmi models are. In other words, the vacuum cleaner does not pull you behind it. On the other hand, the ground roller with attached tyres is particularly flexible and agile. Of course, the shape of the floor nozzle limits the vacuum cleaner’s ability to clean corners, but the Proscenic P10 cuts a fine figure when it comes to handling.

The sucked-in dust and dirt passes through a multi-stage filter system consisting of a metal filter, sponge filter and HEPA filter into the dust chamber, which is very generously dimensioned with a potential capacity of 0.65 l. Only the Dyson V11 Absolute had a larger dust chamber among the models we tested.

The large dust chamber including contents.

Therefore, it is not necessary to empty them during one or even two cleaning cycles (depending on the degree of soiling of the four walls, of course). The dust chamber can be emptied simply by pushing a button above the trash can without getting in contact with the contents. Practical for allergy sufferers.

Click! The dust chamber is already emptied.

Because of all the smart cleaning equipment at my home I have become a bit sloppy and don’t pick up things that have fallen down. This is what happened to a lot of onion skins. Due to the high suction power of 22.000 pa, these peels could be vacuumed without any problems, but when the device was switched off, some of them fell out of the floor nozzle. This was not supposed to happen, but only happened with these peels. Other larger gems like stones or cookie crumbs were no problem.

Which I personally find good – even though I know that there are different opinions about it: The trigger, the power button, so to speak, does not have to be kept pressed continuously for vacuuming. This is different with all Dyson models, but in my opinion it doesn’t contribute to a more pleasant handling. I think the Roborock H6, where you can decide for yourself whether you want the shutter release to be unlocked or locked, is the most sensible solution.

No winding of the hair

Which also speaks for the use of the carpet roller: It removes animal and human hairs at the floor roller. This means that the hairs on the roller do not have to be cut in fumbling work. In my opinion, this is a principle with a promising future, but one that did not always work in the test phase.

In reality, there are a few hairs wrapped up.

The only really disturbing thing is the short working time of 40 minutes. This is enough for most apartments (up to 100 m²), but not for really large rooms.

Carpets, LED lights and operating volume

On carpet, the Proscenic P10 works properly, gets out quite a bit of fluff, but cannot be compared to the V11 Absolute’s Torque Drive roller, which literally sucks itself to the carpet. With the highest suction level, the P10 is also sufficient to glide over the carpet every now and then.

Personally, I am a fan of LED lights, which make it easier to see dirt and grime in darker corners. I know that opinions differ widely here, but I wouldn’t want to miss them. The LED lights of the Proscenic P10 on the floor nozzle are switched on continuously. The Roidmi models shine with darkness detection and only switch on when it’s dark, but permanently switched on doesn’t draw much battery life either.

The operating volume of 60, 64, 67 and 72 dB (after ascending suction stage) is, in my opinion, bearable. Only at the highest suction level I find the volume annoying, but practically, it is not used too often.

The floor nozzle also looks good.

Only because it is often asked: Like most other models, the vacuum cleaner does not stand on its own, has to be laid on the floor or leaned against a wall in between (e.g. to put something away). Or it can just be put into the wall bracket. Still better than a cable vacuum cleaner. 😉

Attachments for various applications

The various enclosed essays are rarely used in everyday life, but they are mostly practical. Especially the crevice nozzle (the small, narrow attachment) should be mentioned here. With this one can get very well into narrow corners or grooves.

The three supplied attachments.

From left to right, following the picture:

  • Soft brush for sensitive surfaces/objects
  • crevice nozzle (for grooves, cobwebs, narrow corners)
  • electrically driven mite attachment
The P10 can therefore be used as a hand-held vacuum cleaner to quickly vacuum up something.

Personally I like the electrically driven mite attachment. You can use it with a handheld vacuum cleaner and to vacuum house dust mites, which especially like to make themselves comfortable in textiles and reproduce there unseen. It would be desirable to have UV light built into the attachment, which would also kill the mites and other dirt. Nevertheless: Proscenic has allergy sufferers in mind. Thanks a lot!

Conclusion: Buy Proscenic P10?

Praise to Proscenic: For $200 at Amazon you get a really good price-performance model, which offers perhaps the most functions in the segment up to $200. Just offering many functions is not enough, with the Proscenic P10 these functions also work. A really good mid-range model with which you can’t go wrong for the price.

There’s not much to complain about: you could have saved yourself the display (but hey, it’s okay to have), the working time should be longer and – if you like – the production material used better. For smaller households (round about 90-120 m²) I don’t see many reasons why you shouldn’t buy the Proscenic P10. It does what it is there for, not much more, but not less either. A rock solid mid-range device. But if you like design and high-quality plastic, take a closer look at the Dreame V9 in this price range.

What do you think of the Proscenic P10?


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