Puppyoo R6 vacuum robot with LDS and 4 h working time

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To be honest, we have got to know the Chinese manufacturer Puppyoo as a manufacturer of improved plastic waste. The crowdfunding platform Indiegogo can now be used to finance a vacuum robot that looks very similar to the Xiaomi models – and is said to have a gigantic battery installed. We introduce you to the Puppyoo R6 vacuum robot.


Technical data

Every new model with laser navigation has to endure the comparison with the current top dog Roborock S6. And look there: At least according to Indiegogo, the robot doesn’t come off so badly.

Puppyoo R6

Puppyoo R6 vacuum robot

Roborock S6/T6

Roborock s6 vacuum robot model

Suction power2000 pa2000 pa
NavigationLaser Space SurveyingLaser Space Surveying
Appavailable, but not specifiedXiaomi Home (Android, iOS)
Operating volume65 dB58 dB (at highest suction level)
Battery6400 mAh5200 mAh
Dust chamber/water tankn.a.0,48 l/ 0,16 l
Charging time5 h3 h
Working time4 h2.5 h
Weight3,5 kg3,6 kg
Dimensions34.0 x 10.5 cm35.3 x 35.0 x 9.65 cm
Inclinesn.a.25°, over 2 cm
  • Laser room measurement
  • wipe function
  • mapping
  • Voice control via Alexa and Google Home
  • Carpet recognition (increases suction power)
  • Laser room measurement
  • Room division (single and multi-room cleaning)
  • wipe function
  • Mapping with card storage
  • Voice control via Xiaomi AI Speaker
  • Carpet recognition (increases suction power)

Puppyoo doesn’t give up

The R6 is visually reminiscent of the 360 S6 thanks to the laser distance sensor (LDS) and its flap on the top. However, even the highly polished advertising images do not allow the robot to look completely high-quality. Probably not the highest quality plastic was used. Of course you can say: “hey doesn’t matter, as long as it vacuums”. But for the price you expect a bit more quality. Maybe the pictures weren’t taken well either, maybe we’re just used to a bit too little processing from the manufacturer.

Puppyoo R6 vacuum robot advertising error
That doesn’t look quite right in advertising here either.

In contrast to the Xiaomi and Roborock models, the robot works with two brush heads. Completely around itself and its 34.0 cm diameter the robot has a rubber bumper, whereby obstacles like pieces of furniture should carry less to no scratches. In the ideal case, however, this does not happen at all due to the room measurement.

The Puppyoo R6 navigates through the four walls via a laser distance sensor, which in most cases allows it to detect obstacles without any problems. With an additional SLAM algorithm, it is also able to display a visual map of the premises in the app (mapping). In addition, this can be provided with No-Go zones, i.e. areas that the robot should not travel through.

Puppyoo R6 vacuum robot No-Go zones
With no-go zones, you can make areas inaccessible to the robot.

Together with the voice control via Alexa (“Alexa, start the robot”) and Google Home as well as the automatic carpet recognition (increased suction power), you have the current standard package, which new vacuum robots should bring with them as a minimum. It would also be conceivable or desirable, for example, to have room partitioning or floor storage. So nothing impressive purely from a software point of view, but not bad either.

Puppyoo R6 Vacuum robot App control system
The usual App commands can be executed via App.

Huge battery, long working hours

The unique feature of the Puppyoo R6 is the 6400 mAh battery, which allows the robot a maximum working time of 4 hours. No other model we have tested has had such a long working time. In combination with reliable navigation via LDS, the robot is also suitable for large houses. Of course, this also depends on the complexity of the conditions in the four walls.

Puppyoo R6 vacuum robot crash sensors
The crash sensors protect the robot from falling down the stairs.

It would be important to know how large the dust chamber is, otherwise even a gigantically large battery would not make sense in our absence. But when we get there, the Puppyoo R6 reports by voice (possibly also by push) that its dust chamber is full. So you can empty it manually and let the robot go on. Unfortunately, this only works if you are at home while the robot is working – although vacuum robots are supposed to work while we are on the road.

Puppyoo R6 Vacuum robot exhibition team
Puppyoos exhibition team seems to be very happy with the new model.

Of course, the strong battery performance still has to prove itself in practice, and the same applies to the other functions and suction power. Our first impression: Maybe this time Puppyoo has put a little more effort into production, but we don’t believe in it. In terms of price, the model with this range of functions seems to be largely in order.

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