Redmi 9: Low budget smartphone with new CPU & 6.7″ display

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

That’s fast even for Xiaomi. About two months after the release of the Redmi 8 and 8A, there are already first information about the successor in the low-budget segment. Will the new Redmi 9 be available in the first quarter of 2020?

Compensation for the Mi Max series?

Until now there is not much information about the new Redmi device, but two important information have already been leaked. Especially the low-budget series of Redmi and Xiaomi have held on to the compact design for a little longer, but this is now changing for good. The 6.22 inch screen diagonal is now probably trumped by a 6.66″ display, making it one of the largest Xiaomi smartphones. The Redmi 7A, which also appeared in spring 2019, still relied on a 5.45″ diagonal!

The predecessor: the Redmi 8.

Even though many new Xiaomi smartphones like the K30 will probably rely on a hole-punch display in the future, the manufacturer seems to have stuck with the Waterdrop-Notch for the Redmi 9. Also, an IPS LC display is probably more than safe in this price segment. Therefore, the fingerprint sensor, if present, will probably be on the back.

Brand new CPU

The other confirmed information is the processor used. Xiaomi seems to be using a MediaTek processor again, the new Helio G70. In terms of performance, this is probably lower than the Helio G90(T), which is found in the Redmi Note 8 Pro, for example. Up to now, there is only the G90 series, but a weakened form of this gaming series would make sense and suit the Redmi 9 well. In addition, there are various memory configurations, but we hope that they will part with the no longer current 2/16 GB combination and use at least 3/32 GB and more.

The Redmi 8 has introduced the battery capacity of 5.000 mAh into the low budget segment.

As in the Redmi 8 and 8A, a large battery will find its way into this segment, at least 5.000 mAh is more than realistic and appropriate, after all a larger display has to be powered. The predecessor relies on USB-C, which we can also expect here. We even suspect that a triple camera will be installed here. After all, there is already a quad-cam in the Redmi Note 8 for around $180.


Xiaomi’s release rhythm is now really almost disturbing and could scare away potential customers rather than win them over, at least in our opinion. Nevertheless, the Redmi series is probably the strongest in its segment. Even though we think it’s a shame to make the phone bigger, this CPU would probably be a really good choice. Perhaps they would also like to pick up the Mi Max series, which is said to have been discontinued.

We don’t know anything about the phone yet, but such rumors and leaks have often come true in the past, especially since this is a low-budget smartphone and not a flagship. What do you think about these changes and Xiaomi’s fast production?

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  • Profile picture from Lisa Myers
    # 31.12.19 um 12:40

    Lisa Myers

    If one had to make a comparison between this phone and one of Huawei's lineage, what would come to mind? That's the first thing to pop into my mind after reading the article and I am wondering what the answer might be.

  • Profile picture from Lisa Myers
    # 31.12.19 um 12:46

    Lisa Myers

    In regards to the fast production referred to in the article, I tend to concur that it might spook some consumers although if the potential buyer thinks about what they really need and want they really need to fulfil that need and buys accordingly ( the question is how many people actually do that) they hopefully should not be put off from any purchase.

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