News Redmi Flagship: Top smartphone with Snapdragon 855 & pop-up camera?

Redmi, as a subsidiary of Xiaomi at least officially “independent”, will soon release its first flagship smartphone. These rumors have been going on for some time now, and the signs are slowly growing. Does it come with a pop-up camera and does it even appear here as Pocophone F2?

Redmi Flagship Design

Comeback of the Pop-Up Camera

The officially confirmed information from Redmi regarding their new flagship is rare, but there are first indications. Weibo, for example, confirmed that the Redmi flagship is equipped with a 3.5 mm jack connector. This shouldn’t be a special feature, but is almost unusual for flagships. This is located on the upper side. But there is probably a highlight next to it, namely a pop-up camera. At least a corresponding recess is visible at first leaks.

Redmi Flagship Pop-Up Camera

You want to solve the Notch problem with a pop-up camera, so we know it for example from the Vivo NEX Ultimate. This mechanism accommodates the front camera and can be extended if necessary. Since this mechanical part can be susceptible to problems, the Vivo NEX Ultimate has already been criticized. But it seems that the new OnePlus 7 will also be equipped with a pop-up camera.

A flagship needs the Top-CPU

The other fact confirmed so far is the processor. It is a Flagship, because you want to equip the Redmi with the Snapdragon 855 processor. The top CPU also sits in the Xiaomi Mi 9 and is this year’s top processor for almost all Android flagships. The Octa-Core with a clock frequency of up to 2.84 GHz provides a lot of power, but is accordingly only found in more expensive top smartphones.

Redmi Flagship Leak

Which camera to use is also unclear. But the use of a 48 MP camera is very likely, probably with the Sony IMX586 sensor, which is also in the Mi 9 or Honor View 20. It’s unclear whether a Triple-Cam is used. However, one can hope that Redmi will again install a large battery here, as is usual for the Redmi smartphones. Since the last top model with top processor and large battery was the Pocophone F1, the suspicion is obvious that the Redmi flagship will appear as the Pocophone F2 in Europe or replace this series. But these are only speculations.


Since the information is still very scarce, we have refrained from reporting on it so far. But since more and more requests came from you, we have summarized all known information. Of course the price is interesting. How far can you push the price if you use the Snapdragon 855? Allegedly a release in May is coming. That would be interesting in so far as the Honor 20 will be presented globally at the end of May.

Which features would be important for you with the Redmi flagship and what do you think of the pop-up camera?

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