News Redmi K30 Smartphone: With Punch Hole Camera, 5G & 120 Hz Display? New Leaks

New info about the Redmi K30: A picture of the display of the possible Redmi K30 was leaked, which confirms not only the punch hole design, but also a 120 Hz display. A screen with such a high refresh rate is currently found almost only in the ASUS ROG 2 or the iPad Pro. The mobile phone runs the AIDA64 benchmark, which reveals some more details about the phone. The screen diagonal is probably 6.66 inches and the resolution is 2400 x 1080 pixels. However, this is probably an IPS display and not an AMOLED panel, as the setting of the inactivity display on a picture is missing.

The Adreno 618 GPU has also been mentioned. The graphics unit is part of the Snapdragon 730 processor, which already sits in the Redmi K20/Mi 9T, and of the 730G, which sits for example in the Note 10. However, it is certainly conceivable that there will still be a Pro version of the Redmi K30, since this was also the case with the K20 with the Mi 9T Pro. This would probably come then with the Snapdragon 855 Plus on the market, allegedly a release should already be forthcoming in December. We’ll keep you up to date!

The Redmi K20 recently came onto the market as Mi 9T also as an international version. Meanwhile there are the first details coming out about the Redmi K30, the successor. This smartphone will apparently have a camera in the display, a so-called punch hole display.

Redmi K30 Smartphone Punch Hole Camera

On Weibo this picture appeared, which shows the upper right screen corner of a smartphone. Next to it is the name “Redmi K30” and in Chinese the description “Redmi’s first Punch Hole Display“. This leaves little doubt as to what this is all about. What’s more, instead of a single camera, such as the Honor View 20, there are two cameras in the recess. Also the design is not completely new, but already built into the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

It was already known that the new smartphone would be 5G-capable. This is confirmed by another picture, which also announces that the K30 will have both SA (standalone) and NSA (non-standalone) mode. The latter is mainly used in the transition phase from 4G to 5G.

Redmi K30 Smartphone 5G

The picture was posted by Lu Weibing, General Manager at Redmi. Redmi was originally part of Xiaomi, but has been manufacturing smartphones and other products “independently” since the beginning of 2019. Nevertheless, they continue to work closely with Xiaomi. The two models Redmi K20 and K20 Pro appeared some months later as Xiaomi Mi 9T and 9T Pro. This of course raises the question of whether the same thing is planned here as well. Are we possibly looking at the future Xiaomi Mi 10T? That can’t be said yet, at least there hasn’t been a potential Xiaomi Mi 10 announced yet.

Of course you can speculate happily, and of course we’ll stay tuned on the topic and inform you as soon as something happens. How do you feel about the design decision? Is a punch hole display the right choice or would you have liked to have a different solution for the front camera?

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