Refoss outdoor socket with app: Make your garden or balcony smart!

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The smart Refoss outdoor socket can be used via the app or the voice assistant and is also suitable for outdoors thanks to its IP certification. But is the upgrade for the garden worth it, or will Refoss leave you out in the cold?

Refoss outdoor socket

Due to different countries sockets differ in appearance

Double charging better

The smart socket is available with two connections. In the middle of both sits the power switch, with which the switches are switched on and off manually. The Refoss socket is made of plastic and is only available in the color black.

The outdoor socket has an IP-44 certification and is therefore also protected against splashing water and dust up to 1 mm. Thus, it is suitable for the balcony or the garden. If you should not use the sockets times longer, then remember to either cover the socket with a tarp or take it inside.

Refoss outdoor socket IP-Certification

The socket has a 22.5 cm long cable with which it is connected to the socket of the house. I would find a slightly longer cable more practical to be able to put his phone or other devices outside on the table.

Let there be light!

The setup of the outdoor sockets is done with the eHomelife app (Android/iOS) and runs over the 2.4 GHz network. Unfortunately, there is no support for the 5 GHz network, but this should not be a problem if you turn off the 5 GHz network for the setup and then turn it back on normally.

The app looks very clear and tidy, because you can control the socket with three different functions. With a schedule, you can have the sockets turn on automatically in the evening at 20:00 to have light on the balcony. I use this when I go to work and thus save me the effort to pull the plugs individually from the power.

Even on the road, you can switch the Refoss sockets on and off individually through the WLAN integration in the app. This saves a bit of time and, if you forget to turn them on, you can also turn them off when you’re out of the house. Pairing with the well-known voice assistants Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit and IFTTT is also possible.

Assessment: Are the Refoss outdoor sockets worth it?

I find the Refoss socket with WLAN integration very practical. You can turn on the light at dusk and adjust it to your own daily rhythm through the schedule. The app for the Refoss sockets is very tidy and equipped with only the most necessary functions.

I find it a pity that the integration via the app is only possible in the 2.4 GHz network. Compatibility with 5 GHz networks is not necessary, but I find it more convenient and easier for many. Likewise, I find the cable length from the socket with 22.50 cm a bit short.

The pair of sockets costs about $20 and joins the cheaper outdoor sockets with the price. Compared to a normal outdoor socket, you pay about $10 more, which you can just get over if much in your home is already smart.

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