Reusable shoe covers for $7.47/£3.37/4,42€

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Suitable for the changeable days a gadget to keep the apartment clean. The practical reusable shoe covers are currently available for $7.47/£3.37/4,42€ at AliExpress.

You may have heard of the Festival Feet, shoe covers for festivals that protect your sneakers from rain and mud. A more permanent solution are these reusable shoe covers with snap mechanism, which take some work off your vacuum robot.

Reusable shoe covers yellow

No garment collects dirt and debris as quickly as a shoe. Of course, after all, they are in contact with the ground all day. When you come home, some of the collected dirt can quickly spread throughout the apartment. The Xiaomi vacuum robot has to get back to work. If you don’t have a vacuum robot at home and don’t want to upset the woman either, you can get practical help for little money. Practical: the shoe covers are equipped with a snap mechanism so that they automatically nestle against the foot.

Reusable shoe cover function

You can then put the pair in front of the front door, step in and step into the living area with clean feet. The shoe covers follow the OSFM principle (One Size fits most) and are therefore only available in one size. With the dimensions of 29 x 24 x 1 cm men with a shoe size of 14(US)/12(GB) should be able to cope. Of course, some dust flakes also collect on the shoe covers. Since the household helpers are made of plastic, cleaning with water is no problem. Afterwards they should only be dried.

Reusable shoe cover in yellow top

Surely this gadget is unusual. On the positive side, they are definitely more environmentally friendly than disposable solutions. Especially if you work outside in the garden and want to get something quickly in the house with the dirty shoes, they are certainly practical. Theoretically, they can also be used for guests, even if that’s probably the first thing that makes you look funny. Do you think these reusable shoe covers make sense or can you simply save the money?

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Comments (3)

  • Profile picture from Peter
    # 17.04.18 um 16:46


    Thats just not ideal for festivals but also for everytime you have to go inside after beeing outside in the mud, but not wanting to always change shoes.

  • Profile picture from jeffrey
    # 14.05.18 um 00:25


    I guess if you have nothing left to do in your life, you might try these.

  • Profile picture from mydesignfind
    # 19.05.18 um 14:25


    Great for coming indoors and not tracking mud or sand in the house if going right back out!

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