RG350 Retro Video Console for $81.05

The market is flooded with open source game consoles. Many of them are almost unusable, since neither the console itself nor the games work properly. Is the RG350 Retro Video Console, which is very similar to the Nintendo Switch both visually and in terms of handheld aspect, one of the viable candidates?

RG350 Retro Video Console

RG350 Retro Video Console at AliExpress for $81.05

RG350 Retro Video Console at TomTop for $85.99

Technical data

Display 3.5 inch IPS
Operating system open-source Tony
Storage space 16 GB + slot for memory cards up to 32 GB
Battery 2.500 mAh / up to 6 hours runtime
Dimensions 15 x 7,5 x 1,5 cm
Weight 167 g
Material Plastic

The RG350 Retro Video Console makes a good impression

The entire design, whether it’s the layout of the various ports or the placement of buttons and joysticks, is very much reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch, which is currently the leader in the handheld market. Nevertheless, it is not a pure copy, the dimensions and some small details distinguish it from Nintendo’s flagship and make it look quite simple and modern. This doesn’t necessarily fit the retro feeling that the games are supposed to spread, but it does offer a nice contrast.

If you decide to buy the RG350, you’ll get a USB charging cable and a user manual for the device, in addition to the console. These are only available in Chinese and English.

RG350 Retro Video Console color

The RG350 does not come with pre-installed, own games or even cartridges. Instead, it is a platform for various emulators. Some ROMs are already present, but the console can be fed with additional ROMs later on. Don’t be confused by statements like “over 7000 games” at AliExpress & Co., this is all nonsense. In the end you decide which games you want to install, as long as you know how to get the ROMs of the games.

It’s a bit misleading that on almost all graphics you can see scenes of the same racing game (looks like asphalt to me). First of all, it won’t look the same on the console as on the pictures (but much worse), and secondly, the console isn’t even designed for that. The main purpose is to use ROMs of older consoles like Gameboy, SNES and maximum Playstation 1.

The controls

One of the most crucial points with consoles is the operability and control. With the RG350, anyone who has ever used a Nintendo DS, 3DS or switch should have no problems. Because the assignment of the buttons or other controls is virtually identical, which the manufacturer even points out on its own website.

Also the popular feature of the switch, to be able to connect the actual handheld console with the TV, is offered here. Supposedly, it’s very easy and even in HD quality. The console even has a mini-HDMI port for this. Whether you really use this feature is still open to question, though.

RG350 Retro Video Console data

The language options are, however, limited to English and Chinese, as in the user manual, so anyone who doesn’t know these languages should consider whether it would make sense to buy this. With Super Mario the language doesn’t play a role, but with text-heavy adventure games it does.

So what can you say in conclusion?

With a price of around $80, depending on the side, this handheld is more in the upper price range, but promises a lot for it. There are said to be games from several retro consoles, from Game Boy to Playstation 1. Also the technical data seems impressive at first sight, but whether these promises can all be kept is the crucial question, which I can’t answer without a review yet.

If so, then the device is definitely worth considering buying, and should be examined especially by retro enthusiasts like me. Are you interested in a review? Then let us know in the comments.

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