Roborock S6 vacuum robot: top model for $558.25

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Several million models of the first two generations of Xiaomi vacuum robots were sold in China alone. The Chinese tech giant has also long since arrived at the level of ECOVACS and ILIFE in the household robot sector – and is now continuing to press ahead. The predecessor model, the S50, has been the unyielding leader in our ranking since 2017. Is that over with the new Roborock S6? Who occupies the vacuum robot throne? We have tested the new flagship model extensively.

Roborock S6 vacuum robot

What’s the difference between T6 and S6?

The new Roborock vacuum cleaner was presented as “T6” first, the reason is that the robot was primarily produced for the chinese market. So the Roborock T6 is conceived for China, the now released “S6” is produced for the international market. Both models are constructed in the same way, there are only differences in the use of the mainland servers. Expect firmware-updates to be published for the T6 first.

Technical data: Comparison to the predecessors

Roborock S6

Roborock S6 vacuum robot model

Roborock S50

Roborock S50 vacuum robot model

Xiaomi Mi Robot

Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Robot Model

Suction power2000 pa2000 pa1800 pa
NavigationLaser Room SurveyingLaser Room SurveyingLaser Room Surveying
AppXiaomi Home (Android, iOS)Xiaomi Home (Android, iOS)Xiaomi Home (Android, iOS)
Noise level58 dB (at highest suction level)65-67 dB67 dB
Battery5200 mAh5200 mAh5200 mAh
Dust chamber/water tank0.48 l/ 0.16 l0.48 l/ 0.16 l0.42 l/no
Charging time3 h5 h5 h
Working time2.5 h2.5 h2.5 h
Weight3.6 kg3.5 kg3.8 kg
Dimensions35,3 x 35,0 x 9,65 cm35,3 x 35,0 x 9,9 cm34,5 x 34,5 x 9,6 cm
Inclinations25°, over 2 cm with larger tyres20°, over 2 cm15°, up to 2 cm
  • Laser room measurement
  • Room division (single and multi-room cleaning)
  • wipe function
  • mapping with saving of several rooms
  • Voice control via Xiaomi AI Speaker
  • carpet detection
  • Laser room measurement
  • Zoned Cleanup
  • wipe function
  • Control via Alexa and Google Home
  • carpet detection
  • Laser room measurement
  • Zoned Cleanup
  • mapping
  • carpet detection

As can be seen from the technical data: The suction power of the new S6 does not exceed that of the previous model and remains at 2000 pa. This is different than expected, but still the current top value for a vacuum robot. Otherwise, the innovations and improvements are more likely to be found in the software. More about that now.

Packaging and scope of delivery

The packaging is nothing special, the usual cardboard box. But if you’re thinking of giving the vacuum robot away, you don’t have to worry about it. Come on, it’s a $550 vacuum robot from Xiaomi’s partner Roborock, THE current flagship model. Who cares about the packaging? But you do make a small discovery:

Xiaomi RoboRock S6 vacuum robot Packaging
At least the cardboard is nothing special.
Xiaomi RoboRock S6 vacuum robot packaging individual parts
Much better: The inside of the box is very neatly arranged with the delivery contents.

Apart from the vacuum robot as such, the scope of delivery includes a number of practical features that we already liked about the S50:

  • non-slip plastic mat (so that the floor does not get wet before / under the charging station when wiping)
  • Charging station with charging cable
  • 0.16 l water tank with wipe (washable)
  • additional water tank with 10 wipes (disposable)
  • additional HEPA filter (washable)
  • Operating instructions in different languages
Xiaomi RoboRock S6 Vacuum robot Scope of delivery
Usually minimalist, but equipped with everything you need.

Nothing unusual at first. Although, what about the mysterious throw-away towels? Isn’t that environmental damage (spoiler: Yes)? Let’s get to the bottom of this, but first of all, let’s look at the design and workmanship.

Design and workmanship

When it comes to design, not too much has changed to the second generation, the S50. The Roborock S6 is also white, round, with the dimensions 35.3 x 35.0 x 9.6 cm but flattened by 0.3 cm compared to its predecessor and now at the same height as the Mi Robot. Nevertheless, before buying, you have to check whether the vacuum robot gets under the desired pieces of furniture. The 3.6 kg weight has remained approximately the same.

Xiaomi Roborock S6 vacuum robot design height
With a height of 9.65 cm, the Roborock just fits under most pieces of furniture. Be sure to measure it first!

The buttons in the front area of the upper side are in the usual position and remain functionally the same. Only the power button (On/Off/Start/Stop) was optically “lengthened” a bit. This is located in the middle, to the left of it the Mini Room Work mode can be activated by pressing a button, whereby the robot travels through the area in which it is currently located. That’s a few square meters. On the right there is a button with a charging cable symbol. This triggers the command to return to the charging station and charge the battery.

Xiaomi Roborock S6 Vacuum Robot Buttons Front Comparison
The buttons of the S6 (left) compared to the S50 (right).

You notice: What changes in comparison to the S50, is above all on the software side. Xiaomi remains true to its design philosophy and the workmanship (no shaking, sometimes even metal) is again the measure of all things.

Xiaomi Roborock S6 vacuum robot underside design
The underside is identical to that of the other Xiaomi or Roborock models.

Interesting fact: The tires on the underside were developed by the Leverkusen-based materials manufacturer Covestro (formerly Bayer). Covestro was also responsible for the plastic used in the Xiaomi 90 Fun suitcase. This means that the Germans are involved, albeit at a minimal level.

The charging station

In terms of design, the charging station is somewhat wider, but otherwise identical to that of the predecessor robot. From here the Roborock starts its service and returns to the station when the battery level drops.

Xiaomi RoboRock S6 Vacuum robot Charging station Dimensions
Visually, not much has changed with the charging station.

Firmware updates are also carried out at the charging station, since depending on the extent of the update, the battery may break down during the download. And the update policy of Xiaomi is exemplary, not for nothing many Mi-Robot owners enjoyed the Zoned Cleanup and owners of the S50 the additional Alexa control.

Xiaomi RoboRock S6 vacuum robot loading station rubber coating bottom side
The rubber surfaces on the underside prevent the charging station from slipping.

Charging and battery life

After a relatively short loading time of 3 hours, the robot is ready for operation for a working time of 2.5 hours. Thus the vacuum robot is not only suitable for smaller apartments, but also for apartments above 200 m². This is also due to the fact that it continues its cleaning after a “battery charging pause” when the cleaning of all rooms has not yet been completed.

Xiaomi Roborock T6 (S6) vacuum robot loading station comparison Narwal Robotics
The charging station of the new Narwal vacuum robot is of course a little bit more (shown on the right).

The cable can also be rewound on the back, reducing the likelihood of the robot getting tangled up or its owner stumbling over it. A transparent protective mat is included as an accessory for the charging station, which catches any leaking water (when using the wiping function) and further stabilises the stand.

Xiaomi Roborock S6 vacuum robot Charging station
After a loading time of 3 hours, the vacuum robot is ready for operation for a working time of 2.5 hours.

Innovations to the predecessor model S50

As usual, the laser distance sensor (LDS), which is also familiar from the first two models, can be found on the upper side. Thus the laser room measurement including mapping and room division via Mi Home App is again part of the game. The innovations at a glance:

  • Targeted single and multi-room cleaning through revised map storage
    • also: card storage of several floors
  • lower operating volume by changing the fan (air flow)
  • Optimisation of wheel drives (tyres)
    • thus: better overcoming of obstacles (higher obstacles, steeper gradients)
  • Disposable wipes for dust and wet wiping

We will take a closer look at these innovations in the following. First, the offline performance.

Performance without App

One of the innovations is very quickly noticeable when you let the S6 do its first test laps: The operating volume has become much lower. At the highest suction level, the noise level measurement shows a value of 58 dB, which is not too high even for vacuum robots with less power. In “Silent Mode” (adjustable via app), the value is only 47 dB. So really “Silent”.

For comparison: We humans talk at a volume of 60 dB, so you can not only use the robot but also make phone calls or watch TV without getting a tantrum because of the noise.

Xiaomi Roborock S6 vacuum robot Design Optics
The maximum operating volume of 58 dB is very low compared to other models.

The new Roborock moves very purposefully through the rooms, the laser room measurement via LDS (laser distance sensor) is absolutely noticeable here. Like its predecessor, the robot proceeds as follows after the start of automatic cleaning:

  1. 360° rotation for orientation with the LDS, during which the suction power is increased.
  2. Move the outer walls/obstacles with the wall function.
  3. Fill the measured areas with the Z-Shaped mode (in straight paths).
Xiaomi Roborock S6 Vacuum robot Obstacles Kitchen
“This seems to be the kitchen.” The room measurement is not quite as good, but it goes in the right direction.

Obstacle detection almost optimal

The only obstacles that the S6 does not recognize are very small obstacles like socks or cables. An example where this was particularly noticeable was a sports bag lying around, from which a carrying strap hung down. The robot got stuck here and was briefly irritated, but quickly freed itself and continued its planned cleaning. So far, no model has been able to detect such small obstacles. Ecovacs is currently working most meticulously on this with KI AIVI technology.

Xiaomi Roborock T6 (S6) vacuum robot Obstacle detection
Chair legs? No problem. Obstacle detection borders on perfection.

A total of twenty different sensors operate in the S6, six of which are case sensors. These sensors protect the robot from falling down stairs and similar depths.

I would like to write it in all clarity, because again and again horror pictures go through the social media: If the sensors of a high-quality vacuum robot are not completely dirty or covered, it won’t crash! That might happen to one of 1000 models.

Xiaomi Roborock T6 (S6) Vacuum Robot Comparison Design S50
The two Roborock vacuum robots can also be run on tables without crashing.

Connecting the Robot to the Xiaomi Home App

Since many of you will surely own a smart Xiaomi gadget, you will have noticed that Xiaomi now runs the “Mi Home App” under the name “Xiaomi Home App“. Of course they are still available for Android and iOS. After downloading the app and successfully registering via a disposable email address and selecting Mainland China (to be changed later), you switch on Bluetooth and WLAN on your smartphone.

Of course you also have to enter the correct WLAN password and the robot is in the same network as the smartphone. Via “Add device” the app automatically finds the Roborock S6 within milliseconds (see screenshots below).

Xiaomi RoboRock S6 Vacuum Robot Mi Home App Connection
The connection is very fast and simple.

If the connection doesn’t work automatically, although you’ve done the steps above:

  1. Open top flap, check WLAN light.
  2. Keep the two outer buttons on the top pressed.
  3. WLAN is reset.
  4. Try connecting again.

The connection still doesn’t work? Tell us your difficulties in the comments, we will help you as soon as possible!

If the connection is established, the mainland can also be switched to your country. Selecting your home country directly as your mainland did not work in our test phase yet, but Roborock will improve it in the near future. Also very pleasing is the multiple language within the app, even if of course not everything was always translated 100% correctly.

Xiaomi RoboRock S6 Vacuum Robot Mi Home App Server Change

Of course you have to consider that you don’t have any other Xiaomi devices (Yeelight lamps, plant sensors etc.) on another server. Otherwise the connection to the app will be lost.

Functions and settings in the Xiaomi Home App

Apart from that, there is a multitude of functions within the app again, the strong features of the predecessors including new functions.

Xiaomi RoboRock S6 Vacuum Robot Mi Home App Settings

The most important functions and settings within the app are listed:

  • Mapping: Map of the premises is displayed.
  • Map storage: Can be switched on and off.
  • Carpet mode: Detects carpets and increases the suction power.
  • Language within the app and the suction robot as well as voice change (English, German, etc.).
  • Change the volume of the robot’s voice (10-100 %).
  • Determine the suction level: Quiet, Balance, Turbo, Max.
  • DND Mode (Do Not Disturb Mode): Set the time during which the robot is not allowed to move.
  • Trace the condition of the individual parts of the robot: Filters, brush heads, main brush, water tank, sensors.
  • Remote control as buttons or joystick.
  • Locate the robot: Reports its location with its voice.
  • Draw no-go zones and virtual walls on a map.
  • Call up and perform firmware updates.

Xiaomi RoboRock S6 Vacuum robot Mi Home App Language pack

Mapping of the Roborock S6

The mapping once again looks different from the S50, but looks just as good and is even more precise. It’s really impressive to see how exactly the Roborock S6 recognizes the dimensions of the rooms within a few minutes.

At this point I can only advise you to start the S6 from the charging station, otherwise it’s surprisingly difficult to find it again. Sounds unbelievable, as its predecessor manages to do it within seconds (almost no matter where).

Xiaomi RoboRock S6 vacuum robot Mi Home App Mapping Cleaning Begin
The mapping was very successful again, the robot recognizes all areas very quickly and precisely.

But if you let the robot start from the station, finding the station is no problem at all. As you can see from the screenshots, the S6 doesn’t just drive a gigantic way around all the walls, but divides itself up into small parts.

Xiaomi RoboRock S6 vacuum robot Mi Home App Mapping
Mapping: Divide areas into quadrants, then run in straight paths.

At the bottom of the interface there are control elements that start and stop the cleaning process and send the robot back to the charging station. If you want a complete card, don’t interrupt the S6 on its maiden voyage, just let it do the job. Also practical: The card is updated by the robot when the environment changes (chair is changed, etc.) and is not completely re-recorded.

No-Go zones and virtual walls

Surely everyone can think of a reason for not letting his vacuum robot vacuum in a certain area: The power supply unit in the way, or the roommate in the shared flat who always leaves his door open, should not be annoyed. Perhaps also the entrance area with the shoes that often lie scattered wildly on the floor. There are five different ways (according to the value of these methods) for vacuum robots to avoid these areas:

  1. Put pieces of furniture and other obstacles in the way: Extremely cumbersome for any cleaning.
  2. Virtual walls on thresholds etc.: They don’t always work, but they do stand in the way.
  3. Lay magnetic tape in the home: Works well, but is cumbersome.
  4. Draw virtual walls on a created map in an app: Works very well, especially practical for doors.
  5. Draw no-go zones on a created map in an app: The best method to prohibit entire areas, such as the carpet that is too high.
Xiaomi RoboRock S6 Vacuum Robot Mi Home App Mapping Virtual Walls Blocking Zones
Virtual walls and restricted zones can be drawn on the map as desired. Right: Push notification.

Card storage of several rooms

The mapping has been improved so that the Roborock can now recognize different rooms and schedule different working times for them. For example, you can specify that the kitchen is to be cleaned at 9 o’clock in the morning and the living room at 13 o’clock. The S6 can store one virtual card manually and up to two cards automatically.

Xiaomi Roborock S6 vacuum robot mapping card storage
Create a second map, in our case a conference room (see the chairs in the middle of the map).

The manually saved map is updated every time you edit it (e.g. by drawing no-go zones). To reuse a previously created map, go to “Restore map” and select one of the saved maps. To delete a card, press “Reset Card”.

Xiaomi Roborock S6 Vacuum Robot Mapping Map Storage Maps
Several maps can be selected within the app.

These created maps can be provided with virtual walls and restricted zones as desired. In the screenshot below we took the liberty of making a joke of encircling the robot with virtual walls. And in fact: It does not cross a line during the entire test phase. Practically speaking, you even have a meter next to the virtual walls when you draw them in.

Xiaomi Roborock S6 vacuum robot Mapping Room layout
On the left the room layout, in the middle the cleaning protocol, the robot was locked up with virtual walls.

The card is not created each time a new card is selected, but is saved. Accordingly, old cards must be deleted independently.

Voice control

In addition, the Roborock S6 can be commanded via voice control, but currently only the control with the Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker is known. The control via Alexa and Google Home will follow, but will be added at this point.

Xiaomi Roborock S6 vacuum robot control Alexa Google Home
The control via Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home is on its way.

The wiping function: A full-fledged wiping mop replacement?

No. But: The wipe function has improved even further compared to its predecessor. Carpets and other surfaces that should not get wet should, however, be cleared away before use. The carpet detection of the S6 is only there to increase the suction power on carpets, but not to detect the carpets in advance.

First of all, the application of the wipe function in a picture gallery:

Xiaomi Roborock S6 vacuum robot wiping function microfibre cloths
1. Which attachment do I choose? Please do not use disposable cloths for normal cleaning (right).
Xiaomi Roborock S6 vacuum robot Wiping function Attachment
2. mount the water tank on the underside, it simply snaps into place.
Xiaomi Roborock S6 vacuum robot Remove wiping function Water tank
The water tank can be removed extremely easily by pressing the surface on the side.
Xiaomi Roborock S6 vacuum robot Wiping function Performance
4. Let’s go!

Of course, the mop only has to be attached to the teat if you really want to wipe it, otherwise not. As with the predecessor, the water is distributed very evenly on the mop, and accordingly also on the floor. Smooth flooring actually becomes much cleaner, the S6 manages to exert even more pressure on the substrate than its predecessor.

Xiaomi Roborock S6 vacuum robot Wiping function Mode of operation
The wipe function has been improved, but is not yet the ultimate.

For a vacuum robot with wiping function, this feature is very convincing, but the robot cannot replace manual wiping 100%. Owners of the S6 do not have to wipe as often when they have the vacuum cleaner sweeping, but they do not get around it completely during the month. Every now and then you have to swing the biceps, with which you can simply bring more pressure and power to the floor.

Xiaomi Roborock S6 vacuum robot wiping function
The floor becomes cleaner, but the trailing of a rag as with other models is also given here.

The microfibre cloths can easily be thrown into the washing machine after use. The ten enclosed disposable cloths should really only be used if you want to clean in a particularly dirty place – to avoid the robot pulling a dirty mop behind it.

I truly don’t like the idea behind it, because these cloths are not only pointless, but also harmful to the environment. Now they are already included, so you can use them sometimes, but please don’t order new ones (expensive?).

Conclusion on the Roborock S6 vacuum robot: Buy the new top model?

Like its predecessor, the Roborock S6 will also be available in black and rose gold. It is already known that the S6 will also be controllable via Alexa and Google Home in the future. In fact, the differences are not interesting for everyone. Compared to the predecessor Roborock S50, which is now stuck at ~$400, the price difference is almost $150, but functionally there is no $150 difference between the two.

Thus a constant progress from model to model is to be recognized. But: As also with the appearance of the Roborock S50 after the big success of the Mi Robot the question arises: Do you really need the newer generation or is it enough to reach for the previous one? An entry-level price of $550 is not an easy price to pay, even if it is cheaper than the top models from Vorwerk, Dyson or iRobot.

Narwal Robotics Vacuum Robot Design Comparison Darkness
Who’s the new number one? The vacuum robot from Narwal Robotics (above) must not be ignored.

In fact, however, I can give a purchase recommendation here without any problems. If you want to have a real universal talent in your four walls, the Roborock S6 will do everything right. But that’s also what you do with the predecessor, it’s a question of cost. The robot costs (still) a hefty $550, but if you invest it, you get the best vacuum robot for your home.

To the gadget
If you buy a product via a link on this page, we often get a small commission for it. There are no additional costs for you. Where you buy a product is of course up to you.
Thank you for your support.

Why doesn't this affect our review in any way?
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I'm interested in Gadgets, that make our life at home easier - especially when it comes to cleaning the floor or the windows. I was able to test about fifty robot vacuum cleaners since now.

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    # 18.03.19 um 14:35


    Great article, very excited to know more about this one!

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    The Ferreira

    bring it one.

  • Profile picture from Jason
    # 19.03.19 um 23:17


    I just purchased the s50. I agree that this is really a software update and should also go to the s50 as well. As like Tesla making your existing product better for free is a plus. It'll be disappointing to have to buy a new version for essentially a software update.

    • Profile picture from Tim
      # 02.04.19 um 14:13

      Tim CG team

      @Jason, yeah, that's how it works in many cases. But if the form of your robot is perfect, how would you bring out new models without only making software updates?

  • Profile picture from Muth Tudor
    # 21.03.19 um 15:08

    Muth Tudor

    From what I see the 3rd generation (T6) brings not much to the table. They could have waited a while longer (1-2 years) perfect more their tehnology and put on the market a vacuum with a docking base that cleans itself (like the iRobot Roomba i7+), or that mops better (maybe a vibrating or rotating mop to it's «tale» that can be added/removed when needed to mop). They could have very easily upgraded the 2nd generation software more, to remember more maps/floors and to add that detailed zone cleaning (kitchen, bedrooom, etc). If the robot couldn't insert those zones itself they could have easily done the map customisable and allow clients to draw their zones. I have a 2nd generation Roborock and i see no reason for me to upgrade to Roborock T6. You can make small holles to the 2nd generation mop filters and whater poors faster + i add cleaning solution (both for tile floor or laminated depending what i am clening) and with my method it is perfect. I ONLY HOPE THAT THEY WILL NOT SABOTAGE UNPORPOUSE their old version. By redoucing sound the 3rd generation could vacuum not so good as the 2nd (we will see) and they could send faulty updates that in time could make 2nd generation go worst than the 3rd (reduce vacuum power, worst orientation, etc). Apple (those thiefs) did that to their iphones and i am sure many companies do that too.

    • Profile picture from Tim
      # 02.04.19 um 14:00

      Tim CG team

      @Muth Tudor,
      I understand what you mean, many people already told me they're very happy about the function to save the maps for more than only one floor. It depends a bit on the price how I would see the robot.

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    # 26.03.19 um 16:29


    New launches are always much hyped, nevertheless they come with a bunch of upgrades. Its too early to comment, but given the specs not much has changed except for noise reduction, water tank seep adjust. Not sure of what they meant by One-off mop, this feature (Mop + Disposable Wipes) would increase the running costs in the long run, S5 would wins hands down in this reusable mop cloth aspect. Why is it hyped if they have given a power cord that can be hidden, really does it matter? Map management 3.0 sounds good where you can save specific room maps/zones which was missing in S5. Instructing the T6 via Map 3.0 to clean/sweep specific sections both ground and upstairs in a duplex house is very intuitive which lacked in S5, although one need to move it physically between floors.

  • Profile picture from Rachel
    # 26.03.19 um 19:14


    Any concept of when an international version might come out? I'm interested in buying an S50 but have no idea of what timeline the T6 might cause a price reduction for it. I'd rather not spend an extra $150 or so by buying a month too early.

    • Profile picture from Tim
      # 02.04.19 um 14:03

      Tim CG team

      I'd say this will take about 2-3 months, maybe longer. We will update you when we know more.

      • Profile picture from Prissie
        # 19.05.19 um 21:33


        So when and where can I purchase the new Roborock s6? Is it out yet? If so can you please provide me the link of where I can go buy it. I’ve looked around and not sure where to purchase it at. Thank you

  • Profile picture from D
    # 29.03.19 um 04:24


    I guess they ran out of ideas and are essentially marketing a software update as the 3rd gen vacuum. The software improvements are ok but don't bring any improvements for my usage scenario (single floor apt). The individual room cleaning can already be done via zoned cleanup, the new version just makes it a bit quicker because it's automatic. However when I use my Roborock, I always chose a full cleanup, so again for my purposes not really any added value. And disposable wipes are actually a downgrade over reusable ones, sometimes no thanks. The article somehow makes it sound like some significant improvement when in fact it's more of a fine tuning. Gonna stick to my s50 for a while longer, unless they significantly improve mopping and corner cleaning or add some new killer feature, I see no need for upgrading.

    • Profile picture from Tim
      # 02.04.19 um 14:13

      Tim CG team

      @D, i understand your thoughts, but as i commented on @Muth Tudor: Many people already told me they're very happy about the function to save the maps for more than only one floor.

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    Hey Tim, great article you've got here, we would love to get in touch 🙂 Do write back!

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    Birgit Fienemann

    "Optimisation of wheel drives (tyres)
    thus: better overcoming of obstacles (higher obstacles, steeper gradients)" – Well, my S50 2nd Gen goes over literally everything which is not exaggering 2.5 cm. I tend to forget my wash stands all the time in the household room… and she goes over all the metal stands of them. Amazing. It makes a lot of noise but she overcomes these quite high obstacles. 🙂

    In regards to the software, this is really good, we were in fact waiting for a feature like this – but I am confident that this will come to the 2nd gen Roborock after a while, too – or someone within the community finds a way to implement it into our older models :D.

    So for new customers certainly a must have robot but I don't think that the changes are tempting enough to get happy customers to replace a working 2nd gen Roborock.

    Greetings, Biggi

  • Profile picture from Gustav Skans
    # 10.05.19 um 07:46

    Gustav Skans

    But what is interesting is that it now will remember the second floor, which I would have liked in S50. And I have realised that S6 is clever enough to run its laps more wisely based on the shape of elongated rooms.

  • Profile picture from Thomas
    # 16.05.19 um 17:12


    Saving maps for 2 different floors is not possible as this article states. Got this answer from roborock support.

    Thanks for your interest on Roborock.
    We are so sorry to tell you the model S5 and S6 could only save one map at present. It will recreate a new map once you move it to another floor.
    For multiple map saving suggestion, we will forward your advice to our developing department and hope they will add this feature in the future.

    • Profile picture from Tim
      # 20.05.19 um 10:46

      Tim CG team

      the feature is still in the developing phase, that's right. I can tell you Roborock is gonna work on it in the future, as they have told you too.

  • Profile picture from Darren Chan
    # 26.06.19 um 02:34

    Darren Chan

    Hi Tim
    Thank you very much for the review.
    I bought one T6 from Xiaomi official shop in China, I think it is locked to mainland China use only, I have gone through all the steps, and failed the last step as the picture attached.
    I would be grateful if you could give me any help.
    Many thanks in advance

    Comment picture of Darren Chan
    • Profile picture from Tim
      # 03.07.19 um 13:42

      Tim CG team

      @Darren Chan
      Hi Darren, that is possible, that's why there is also an International Version. But the problem should be fixed by updates (What I heard).

  • Profile picture from LD
    # 07.07.19 um 07:47


    No, very dissapointed of fault in review. I bought the S6 to be able to save all 3 floors in my house. But there is no such function at all. The map function is locked to only one floos as the S5 model. Xiaomi really need to improve the map function software. Below is the answer from support.

    The model S6 could save 3 maps. One is current map. One is with barrier and no-go-zone. One is one of previous cleaning log.
    But you could not choose any specific cleaning map in setting–cleaning log to save as one of 3 maps. Besides, they will always be overwritten.

    To sum up, the multiple map saved function of model S6 is not well made at present and could not meet customers' need, which is reason why don't say it supports multiple map saved. We suggest customer reset map every time when the robot is brought to another floor.



    Roborock Customer Service

    • Profile picture from Tim
      # 08.07.19 um 10:36

      Tim CG team

      @LD Sorry for the confusion, the S6 can only store several cards at the moment, the app is still in its infancy, Roborock will improve it soon. It's still a beta version, but the card storage will be mature in the future.

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    # 14.07.19 um 19:34

    Serge Guenette

    Best purchased I have done. I truly did my homework over a 6 month period, looking at all reviews I could find about all available robot vacuums out there. I found so many it got complex to sort them out. But after seeing the Roborock S6, I was convienced it was the right one. This is my first robot vacuum and it even added the floor moping accessory. Sadly it was not available yet in Canada for purchase. So I took my chances and ordered on line from an overseas company. It was delivered in 3 days with free delivery except a small customs fee for my country. I was amazed at the speed it got here. It arrived in perfect condition. The only worry I had was the europeen plug it came with. They forgot to change it or send a proper adapter to convert to our plug system. But that was an easy fix by buying one at 2$ from electronic store here.
    I have used it almost every day so far in my 160 square meter home with hardwood and it did a great job, plus it still had power by the end before returning to the charge.
    It was easy to understand the set up and connecting it to my google home mini.
    Programming every other day cleaning was also easy with the app. The sound it makes was also a wonderful surprise as it is much lower then I had expected.
    Overall I am so happy for this model purchased. It made a truly clear map of my home and even manages going under several pieces of furniture.
    I give it a 110%
    My only question I haven't figured out is how to give names to my rooms and simply say to Google home mini to send the vacuum to a specific room without using my iPhone manually? Is that possible?

    Comment picture of Serge Guenette
    • Profile picture from Tim
      # 15.07.19 um 10:17

      Tim CG team

      @Serge Hi Serge, glad to hear that from you! I'm not using an iPhone neither a Home Mini, but it should be possible in the future.

      • Profile picture from Serge Guenette
        # 16.07.19 um 19:21

        Serge Guenette

        Thank you for the response. I look forward to the upgrade in this case.

  • Profile picture from Michael
    # 15.07.19 um 12:03


    I just purchased the S6 model, very nice! I just have a problem with my connection to the device. I have no problem setting up the connection and it works fine for a day or something, but it seems to loose the connection from time to time. The only fix I can see to this problem is to reset the wifi on the device and then reconnect the phone. Do you have similar problems?

    I can see the cleaning status while I'm away, but suttenly the connection is dead, and it it is not reconneting again 🙁

    Any solutions?

    • Profile picture from Tim
      # 15.07.19 um 16:11

      Tim CG team

      @Michael Hi Michael, did you try changeing the mainland? Which one are you using? It is possibly working better with another chosen region

  • Profile picture from Paul
    # 15.08.19 um 07:12


    Where can I find an official info from Xiaomi regarding "Suction power 2000 Pa"?
    Thank you,

  • Profile picture from sum
    # 24.10.19 um 04:58


    Where can I find latest model S4 in canada? Thanks

    • Profile picture from Maike
      # 24.10.19 um 10:41

      Maike CG team

      @sum I had a look, but I'm unable to find the Roborock S4 with shipping to Canada at the moment. If you have a look in our article ( the S4 is currently only available from So maybe just have a look there, if it will be available for you sometime in the future.

  • Profile picture from K V Srihari
    # 22.04.20 um 08:09

    K V Srihari

    Do you directly deliver at my door in India? What is the total cost? How much time it takes to deliver after the order is placed? Finally, what about servicing and availability of spares?

    • Profile picture from Maike
      # 22.04.20 um 10:59

      Maike CG team

      Hello @K V Srihari, as we are not a shop, we do not do any of those things. You'll have to contact the shops where you want to buy for further information 😉

  • Profile picture from Diego
    # 06.11.20 um 00:09


    Hey, thank you for the post. it was very helpful.

    I do have a friend coming from China in the next few weeks, he told me that there he can buy only the t6, do you know if it's going to work outside China?

    I'm from Brazil btw.

    Thank you for your time and your help

    • Profile picture from Tim
      # 06.11.20 um 13:31

      Tim CG team

      Hi Diego, usually it works in other countries too cause roborock usually doesn't implement geotracking so you can use the robot by changing the server to mainland china.

  • Profile picture from MESUDE ALTIN
    # 01.12.20 um 16:19



    I am writing to you from İzmir/TURKEY.
    Around 1,5 month ago, I bought online a robot vacuum cleaner called Roboroc S5 Max from “İdeal Seçim” company.
    The purpose of buying this is to help my bride as she is pregnant.
    However, because of earthquake that happened on 30.10.2020, our building collapsed and we all our belongins/furnuture was destroyed, unfortunately.
    We kindly requested from İdeal Seçim to send another robot vacuum cleaner, at least by paying only the cost without margin, but they didn’t help us.
    We will apreciate if you could help us on this issue.

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