Roborock S7 robot vacuum avoids carpets when mopping

It is better to do everything right with one model than to do almost everything right with ten different ones: Roborock wants to build on the great success of the S5 Max and presents its latest creation at CES 2021. With the Roborock S7, the Chinese manufacturer fully relies on the mopping function and is the new technological pioneer.

The S7 will initially only be available in white, but in the course of the year it will also be available in black. Since there will be an optional suction station in 2021 that will only be available in black, you should consider this in your purchase decision for design reasons. The suction station will only be available for the S7 and not for other models from the manufacturer. It is conceivable that you will be able to buy the robot vacuum cleaner with the suction station as a combination package in the future.

Technical specs: Comparison to Roborock S5 Max

Roborock S7

Roborock S5 Max

Suction Power2500 pa2000 pa
NavigationLaser room measuringLaser room measuring
AppXiaomi Home (Android, iOS) and Roborock (Android, iOS)Xiaomi Home (Android,iOS) and Roborock (Android, iOS)
Volume67 dB on highest suction level50-65 dB
Battery5200 mAh5200 mAh
Dust chamber/water tank0.47 l/0.3 l0.46 l/0.29 l
Working time3 h (without mopping function)2,5 h
Charging time5 h5 h
Weight4.7 kg3.5 kg
Dimensions35.3 x 35.0 x 9.65 cm35.3 x 35.0 x 9.65 cm
Gradients20°, bis zu 2 cm20°, bis zu 2 cm
CE markyesyes
  • Mopping function with non-mopping zones and electric vibrating water tank
  • liftable mop module to avoid wet carpets
  • Selective room mapping (targeting specific rooms)
  • mapping with storage of multiple maps (floor storage)
  • carpet detection (increases suction power)
  • selective room division (targeted control of rooms)
  • mopping function with non mopping zones and electric water tank
  • Mapping with storage of multiple cards (floor storage)
  • Carpet detection (increases suction power)

Roborock S7: The currently best mopping function?

Roborock continues to focus on a wide variety of products. The S6 MaxV detects small obstacles such as cables or toys, the S5 Max is the all-rounder and the S4 is for those who do not need a wiping function on their vacuum robot.

Roborock has suitable robots vacuums models for every need

Since the wiping function is used a lot in hybrid models consisting of vacuuming and wiping and was not really implemented convincingly by any manufacturer in the past, Roborock is now taking several technological steps forward. For example, the new S7 can automatically raise its mopping module to avoid wiping short pile carpets. It detects these using new ultrasonic carpet detection technology.

The Roborock S7 robot recognizes carpets and will raise its mopping module

Roborock calls the automatic lifting of the mop “Mop Lifting”. This makes Roborock the first manufacturer in the world with this technology. But that is by no means the end of the story.

VibraRise technology and Sonic Mopping

Using a vibratory water tank, the S7 presses the mop module onto the floor twice as hard as the S5 Max or S6 MaxV. This is supposed to help remove even dried stains from the floor. Roborock calls this “Sonic Mopping“, the lifting of the mop module in combination with the vibrating water tank is called “VibraRise“.

Many customers requested a retractable mopping module.

VibraRise (a combination of Vibrate + Rise) will probably make the drawing of non-mopping zones on the virtual map obsolete in the future, but the feature will still be included in the Xiaomi Home app (Android, iOS) and Roborock app (Android, iOS). Since the S7 “only” recognizes short pile carpets and can avoid them with the wipe function, owners of high pile carpets can still use the feature.

There are various scenarios in which the S7 raises the wiper module – by itself, of course:

  • on the return trip to the charging station after mopping
  • at the charging station (therefore no water collection mat included)
  • in complex environments (for safety)

The mopping intensity can be set in the app: 1650, 2300 or 3000 times per minute. A “thorough” mode can also be set, which reduces the suction power and increases the wiping intensity, as well as wiping twice in one pass. Also new: The mopping route is now displayed on the virtual map (live mapping) in the app, as are carpets. We’re already familiar with the latter from the Ozmo models from Ecovacs.

An optimized S5 Max

The focus is clearly on the mopping function, but the main brush on the bottom has also been replaced compared to the previous models and is now completely made of rubber. Thus, it is supposed to be more suitable for (pet) hair and to nestle better to the floor. The outer edge of the S7 is also made of rubber and provides better protection in case of possible collisions.

With the new rubber roller on the underside, the S7 should be able to suck up pet hair better.

Less exciting, but also new, is the child lock, which can be switched on via the left of the three control elements (button with lock symbol). This way, small children, but also pets, cannot interrupt the cleaning run too easily.

At the top left you can see the button for the childlock

Apart from the aforementioned innovations, the S7 is functionally on the same wavelength as the S5 Max: Live mapping with selective room division (separate control of the rooms), floor storage (several virtual maps can be stored), voice control via Alexa and Google shortcuts as well as continued cleaning (continues cleaning if 3 h of working time should not be enough) are just a few keywords.

Carpet detection (suction boost on carpets) is also part of the package.

Outlook and assessment

The mopping function of the Roborock S7 could be epic. We know from past experience: When Roborock plans to do something, they do it right. You can tell that the Chinese manufacturer takes the customers’ wishes seriously and seems to “listen”. Quite a number of people have wished for an S5 Max with a strong mopping function.

Of course, we will test the Roborock S7 as soon as possible. New technologies are exciting, but they also have to work in practice. The price of $649 is not exactly pleasant for the wallet, but there will definitely be buyers for the first flagship model with a good wiping function in the second quarter of 2021. We do not want to be too euphoric, but we have a really good feeling about the S7.

What do you think of the new mopping technologies?

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