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You know how it is, you are hardly a room away from the router and the WLAN connection is already interrupted. With a WLAN repeater, such as the rockspace AC1200, you can increase the range of your own WLAN and at the same time bring old incompatible devices into the WLAN network via a LAN cable.

rockspace ac 1200 wifi repeater speed

Simple functional equipment

The black WLAN repeater has two antennas on the side and a LAN port on the bottom. On the device itself there is a WPS button, more on that when connecting, and three status LEDs.

Easy connection to the WLAN network

The handling of the device is quite simple. You look for a suitable socket near the wireless hole, where the connection still works well. Then plug in the repeater and connect it easily via the WPS button. Press this button once on the repeater and once on your router and the two devices can connect. Most modern routers have such a button, which brings the repeater safely into your network.

rockspace ac 1200 wlan repeater range example
This is how the WLAN repeater works

After that you should see an improvement in range. If you need even more range, you can add more WLAN repeaters.

Radio on two frequencies

The rockspace AC1200 supports WLAN-ac (Wi-Fi 5) and thus operates on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency. This means that it does not yet support Wi-Fi 6, although this is not a problem since Wi-Fi 6 is backwards compatible and not many devices support it yet anyway. With the repeater, you can achieve speeds of up to 300 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz network and 867 Mbps on the 5GHz network.

LAN connection with two functions

For example, if you have a printer that only works over LAN or a device with a weak network card, you can connect a device to the repeater via a LAN cable.

LAN port with two functions

If you have a LAN cable to the router near your wireless hole, you can plug this cable into the repeater and it will act as an access point and extend your range as well. This makes the speed much more stable, since the connection to the router is not wireless.

For anyone who has problems with the range of their WLAN network, such a WLAN repeater is a practical solution. The LAN port can also be put to good use.

Are you satisfied with your WLAN network or are you thinking about using a WLAN repeater?

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