Roidmi M8 and Jimmy JV11: The mite killers of Xiaomi

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To be honest, we have been discussing for a long time whether we should discuss the two hand vacuums with mite tops. The idea that has prevailed, however, is that allergy sufferers suffer particularly in the pollen flight season that has just begun and often still have problems with house dust mites at the same time. It seems to be much more blatant in China itself, after all, all new vacuum cleaners with mite tops are currently appearing. But how well do these work and does it really benefit the user?

Roidmi M8 Jimmy JV11 mite hand vacuum cleaner

Technical data

Roidmi M8Jimmy JV11Houzetek UV-1001
Suction power18.000 pa4.000 pa10.000 pa
Noise level75 dB78 dB76 dB
Battery2200 mAhwith cable, therefore no own batterywith cable, therefore no own battery
Working time40 min.cable-boundcable-bound
Charging time2.5 h
Dust chamber0.4 l0.4 l0.4 l
Dimensions54.3 x 15.8 x 14.8 cm35.0 x 28.5 x 22.1 cm31 x 26 x 22 cm
Weight1,5 kg2,34 kg1,65 kg
Cable length5 m4.5 m
FeaturesUV light (wavelength 253.7)UV light (wavelength 253.7)

Death to house dust mites

The product range of Xiaomi’s third-party suppliers has again been enriched by two new products (the Houzetek UV-1001 is added for comparison). Of course, there are again enlightening, beautiful advertising images with a lot of white on them. Sure, it has to match with the white-red designs of the two mite vacuum cleaners and show purity, which is guaranteed by the use of the products. But dust control doesn’t have much to do with these pictures. Nothing funny, nothing lascivious and certainly nothing pure in itself. For allergy sufferers, combating dust is war. If you wake up at night because you can’t breathe, you’ll soon see a little dust differently.

Roidmi M8 Jimmy JV11 Applications
The areas of application are diverse, but only really effective on textiles.

After a short search in the China shops, however, these two mite hand vacuums are further restricted in their importance. There are two attachments for the corresponding battery-powered vacuum cleaners, which at the end of the day may provide the same benefit – and are significantly cheaper (if you already have one of these vacuum cleaners):

So why not order the complete battery-powered vacuum cleaner and possibly add the attachment to your shopping basket?

Comparing the mite hand vacuum cleaners

It makes a difference whether a mite killer works with UV light or not. The above linked attachments for the battery vacuum cleaners do not have this feature. Short explanation:

UV light is an electromagnetic radiation that is invisible to the human eye – known, for example, from sun rays. This light has a germicidal effect and liquidates house dust mites accordingly. The dead mites have to be sucked up on it so that their faeces – which leads to allergic reactions – cannot cause any further damage.

Jimmy JV11 mite hand vacuum cleaner UV light
The Jimmy JV11 brings UV light to kill germs, the Roidmi M8 does not.

However, of the two new Xiaomi models, only the Jimmy JV11 brings a corresponding UV light, but then the vacuum power is lacking. At 4,000 pa, this is very low for Xiaomi ratios, as the Roidmi M8 has 18,000 pa. This means that one of the two vacuum cleaners kills the mites more efficiently, while the other absorbs them better. So which of the two models is the more attractive?

Roidmi M8 mite hand vacuum cleaner vacuum power
The Roidmi M8 scores points for suction power, 18,000 pa suction power is a new benchmark for hand vacuum cleaners.

Mite vacuum cleaners have three possibilities to declare war on their arch enemy in textiles (pillow cases, duvet covers, mattress etc.):

  • Vibration: Good mite vacuum cleaners vibrate violently on the mattress and thus loosen the mite excrement and the mites themselves. Afterwards the absorption is much easier.
  • UV light: Makes the difference to the conventional vacuum cleaner, kills mites efficiently.
  • Micro filter: The micro filter prevents that the absorbed mite excrement is whirled again into the air.

When it comes to vibration, the Roidmi M8 should be clearly ahead of the JV11 due to its high suction power, but the UV light is not present with the M8, as already described. Of course, the mites can also be killed without UV light by the suction power and then by the filters, both models have micro-filters in front of the 0.4 l dust chamber in the package. Of course, dust and dirt are also sucked up.

Roidmi M8 mite hand vacuum cleaner design

Both new mite hand vacuum cleaners have a quite high operating volume of over 75 dB (comparison: people talk to each other in 60 dB), but only the Jimmy JV11 comes with cable (5 m long).

No wonder: The Roidmi M8 is also only a new model to a limited extent, in itself it is the Roidmi F8 as a hand vacuum cleaner – only with mite attachment. I would say: Buy the complete battery-powered vacuum cleaner F8, order the mite attachment separately, from then on.

Estimation: Do you really need this?

Who suffers from a really strong or even only disturbing house dust allergy, should seriously think about a mite vacuum cleaner – not for nothing I write a whole article to two for most of you rather uninteresting devices. Because I can say from my own experience that – especially now in the pollen season – I would be really glad to be able to use at least one of the vacuum cleaners for the house dust mites.

Houzetek UV-1001 Mite Hand Cleaner Mite Effect
Somewhat exaggerated graphics, but the effects are right to some extent.

The house dust mite can be found in the home all year round – more in summer than in winter. A house dust allergy can not only be fought by throwing on the vacuum cleaner as often as possible or letting the vacuum cleaner robot do its rounds. House dust mites are an almost greater evil – albeit invisible, unlike dust. Thus, both the Roidmi M8 and the Jimmy JV11 are completely uninteresting for non-allergic persons, but everyone else should seriously consider buying a mite vacuum cleaner.

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