ROIDMI NEO battery operated sweeping vacuum cleaner with edge cleaning & self drying

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Mopping and vacuum cleaning at the same time with the new ROIDMI NEO. The household expert from China is launching its first battery operated sweeping vacuum cleaner. Special features here are edge cleaning and self-drying. A model to keep an eye on?

ROIDMI NEO Wiping Battery Vacuum Cleaner Product Image

The ROIDMI NEO starts crowdfunding again on Indiegogo. This is usual for the manufacturer, since it is already the 11th campaign. I would therefore not doubt a delivery, even the product seems to already exist. However, you should set your expectations for the delivery period correctly. Currently, the manufacturer promises a delivery in July, but logistical processes are still disrupted and the parts shortage remains. So, do not be disappointed if the date cannot be met.

Open suction head for cleaning edges

The ROIDMI NEO is also a typical wiping vacuum cleaner. We have a handle with buttons at the top, and below that on the actual device is the display. The waste water tank is located underneath, and the fresh water tank is located on the back, which is a bit more unusual. On the suction head, we are first presented with a typical closed design, but the roller is left open on the right side, which allows you to clean right up to the edge.

ROIDMI NEO battery operated sweeping vacuum cleaner with edge cleaning

A roller rotates in this open suction head while simultaneously vacuum cleaning at 12,400 pa. For stubborn stains, there is an extra button for a water nozzle on the front for extra soaking.

ROIDMI NEO wiping battery vacuum cleaner front nozzle

The electrolytic water disinfection is also provided here, killing the bacteria that live inside the mopping water. However, I’m not quite sure yet whether it works like that. There is a separate mode for this function. In addition, there is a Smart mode, where the ROIDMI NEO is supposed to recognize how dirty the floor in front of it is. Thus, it can adjust the performance. The last mode we do not see for the first time either, because with this one you can suck water off the floor.

ROIDMI NEO Wiping Vacuum Cleaner water suction

Für die Wasserversorgung steht ein 720 ml Frischwassertank zur Verfügung. Der Abwassertank ist mit 690 ml etwas kleiner, da aber immer etwas an Wasser bei der Reinigung verloren geht, reicht dies völlig aus. Der 3500 mAh große Akku soll eine Reinigungszeit von 35 Minuten ermöglichen.

Self-cleaning with hot air drying

After cleaning, place the ROIDMI NEO in its station and start the self-cleaning process. The drying process then starts via hot air. A feature that should not be neglected, otherwise you have to take care of it yourself. However, the barrel can still be removed very easily.

ROIDMI NEO battery operated sweeping vacuum cleaner self-cleaning

The display is located on the upper side. There we can see the battery status, the selected mode and some status indicators. There is also a voice announcement that provides information about the current status of the battery operated sweeping vacuum cleaner. However, I have already spotted a button to turn down or mute on a picture. So, if something like that bothers you, you have the possibility to turn it off.

With its own smartphone app

Of course, ROIDMI cannot release any products without an app, so the NEO also has a connection via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the Xiaomi Home or ROIDMI app. How useful you find the whole thing is once again up to you.

ROIDMI NEO Battery operated wiping vacuum cleaner App


I definitely notice a slight similarity between the functions and design of the suction head to that of the Dreame H12. Sure, it is not a direct copy and both are already active with their models in China, but two companies are definitely going in the same direction.

ROIDMI devices rarely disappoint and the NEO reads well once again. The edge cleaning and self-drying are features that not everyone has yet, and are definitely practical. The current estimated price of $379 in crowdfunding is then also relatively fair. Even though I do not believe that you will ever have to pay the $599 MSRP at a retailer.

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