Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner with wipe function & display

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Vacuuming and wiping at the same time, high suction power, top design and workmanship. This is what the Roidmi NEX stood for when it was launched in 2019. The second generation of this successful model has now been introduced in two versions (NEX 2 and NEX 2 Pro). We have tested the Pro version. Better than its predecessor?

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner

Roidmi is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem and produces battery vacuum cleaners for the Chinese tech giant. He has apparently called for a second generation of the NEX series and is getting two versions – one with (Pro), one without display. Displays seem to be very popular in China at the moment, so after Roborock H6 and Dreame V11, Roidmi now also has a model with OLED.

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro vacuum cleaner comparison
Pro in grey, NEX 2 in white.

Technical data of the Roidmi NEX 2: Comparison with its predecessor

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro

Roidmi NEX

Roidmi NEX Battery Vacuum Cleaner

Suction power26.500 pa23.500 pa
DisplayOLED (in color)no
Wipe functionVacuum and wipe at the same timeVacuum and wipe at the same time
AppXiaomi Home” (Android, iOS) or “Roidmi” (Android, iOS)Xiaomi Home” (Android, iOS) or “Roidmi” (Android, iOS)
Operating Volume77 dB72 dB (at highest suction level)
Battery2500 mAh, wireless rechargeable2500 mAh, wireless rechargeable
Suction stagesthreethree
Working time70 min (Standard mode), 10 min (Max suction power)60 min (Standard mode), 38 min (Boost mode), 10 min (Max suction power)
Charging time2.5 h2.5 h
Dust chamber/water tank0.55 l/0.18 l0.4 l/0.18 l
Dimensions119.1 x 25.9 x 16.4 cm119.1 x 25.9 x 15.8 cm
Weight2.7 kg (as a hand-held vacuum cleaner: 1.5 kg)2.6 kg (as a hand-held vacuum cleaner: 1.5 kg)
CE markyesyes

Differences to the predecessor model

We don’t want to bore you with repetitions, so in this review we will deal almost exclusively with the differences to the predecessor model NEX. has remained the same:

  • vacuum and wipe at the same time
  • App control (somewhat pointless with battery-powered vacuum cleaners)
  • LED lights (switch on automatically when darkness is detected around the floor nozzle)
Roidmi NEX Storm vacuum cleaner handling
The first generation Roidmi NEX.

New and therefore different, however:

  • Suction power increased from 23.500 pa to 26.500 pa (new record value as of September 2020)
  • OLED diplay installed
  • Working time increased from 60 minutes to 70 minutes
  • Dust chamber enlarged from 0.4 l to 0.55 l
  • Operating volume increased from 72 dB to 77 dB
Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner Performance
The Roidmi NEX 2 Pro.
Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner floor nozzle with wipe function
Vacuum and wipe in one go.

Don’t worry, we also checked the things that stayed the same. That is to say, if we only deal with the differences in this test article, you will find everything else that is not in here, but still applies to the NEX 2 Pro, here in the NEX review.

Roidmi NEX Storm cordless vacuum cleaner comparison handheld vacuum cleaner F8 Design
The NEX was already based on the F8 (above), the NEX 2 again on the 1st generation NEX.

Scope of delivery of the NEX 2 Pro

In the scope of supply is:

  • Main element of the vacuum cleaner with 0.55 l dust chamber and display
  • Suction pipe
  • Wiper attachment with additional wiping cloth
  • Floor nozzle with attached floor roller
  • four attachments for different Application areas (also animal hair and mite attachment)
  • Flexible hose
  • stable wall mount with screws and dowels
  • additional HEPA filter
  • small cleaning tool
  • CN charging cable without adapter (therefore it is best to order this if not already available)
  • User manual in Chinese (you don’t need it)
Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner Scope of delivery
The NEX 2 Pro’s generous scope of delivery.

The scope of delivery is almost identical to that of the first NEX generation. Main difference: The NEX 2 Pro also comes with a special animal brush and mite attachment. Also the flexible hose is to be emphasized, but you will probably use it only rarely, and if so, only in combination with the animal brush.

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro vacuum cleaner animal hair brush
Dogs love this attachment – or flee as fast as they can.

Otherwise an adapter for the power plug is missing here, but you can order it for small money.

Design and processing

Everything positive that was said about the first generation can only be repeated here: High-quality plastic, metal and aluminum elements, chic design. Top workmanship.

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro Battery Vacuum Cleaner Display Performance
Visually, the NEX 2 Pro is once again very successful.
Roidmi NEX 2 Pro rechargeable vacuum cleaner Control
Press and hold the button briefly, then the first of three suction stages starts.
Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner Assembling the parts
Plugging the individual parts together works well and quickly as usual.
Roidmi NEX 2 Pro rechargeable vacuum cleaner design charging contacts
The charging contacts are located on the back of the handle. But you can also charge the battery directly via the cable.

There is also a CE-mark on the vacuum cleaner. The 2500 mAh battery is not exchangeable and the vacuum cleaner does not stand by itself. If you want to put away something (toys etc.), you have to lean the vacuum cleaner against the wall or put it into the wall bracket. Apart from that, however, everything – really everything – has been done right in terms of design and workmanship.

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner suction pipe Logo
Roidmi, the processing of your products is really appealing.

The individual parts of the 0.5 l dust chamber can be easily taken apart and put back together again. The filter can be simply washed out or alternatively cleaned with the small brush included. The enlargement to the chamber of the predecessor is hardly noticeable, but makes a (small) difference. The bigger, the better. Provided that the handling does not suffer.

The dust chamber with a potential filling capacity of 0.5 l.

This means that the dust chamber fulfills all the requirements that such a chamber must meet: Allergy-friendly (because it can be emptied without direct contact with the contents), easy to clean and equipped with the appropriate HEPA filters (HEPA = High Efficiency Particulate Air filter). Of course, this could be a little larger, but then you would have to tweak the design, which could increase the weight and make handling more difficult.

Display and app control

The display was mounted above the handle as on the Roborock H6. This technical gimmick is modelled on the vacuum cleaners of established manufacturers in this country such as Dyson with the V11 Absolute or Tineco with the Pure One S12 Plus. But this gimmick also has its benefits. For example, prospective owners of a Roidmi NEX 2 Pro can use the display to understand some information that would otherwise only be vague or impossible to understand at all. The following information is available in color on the NEX 2 Pro:

  • Suction level (shown in color and in symbols)
  • Battery level in percent and graphic
  • Notes on dust chamber and filter
  • Error messages
  • Calorie consumption when the suction cup is switched off (uh, okay)
Roidmi NEX 2 Pro Battery Vacuum Cleaner Display Battery Indicator
The display shows the battery status – during vacuuming and charging.

With the first generation NEX I criticized that the LED lights only gave an approximate indication of the battery status. This is now different with the display. Also, it is useful and practical to be able to follow error messages, because you know directly what is keeping the vacuum cleaner busy and can intervene.

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro vacuum cleaner display
The different displays and – for whatever reason – the calorie consumption.

Calorie consumption and app pointless

Topic App control for a battery vacuum cleaner: I would like to be proven wrong, but I think it is pointless to spend more money on a model, just because you can track the remaining battery life more precisely with an app. As much as I like to integrate products into my “Xiaomi Home” (Android, iOS) app, I don’t think that’s necessary for a vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, the home app “Roidmi” (Android, iOS) is also available.

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro vacuum cleaner app
Somehow already modern, but completely senseless: App control on a cordless vacuum cleaner.

The App control has a really large disadvantage besides, which also already the F8 had: The Bluetooth of the Vacuum is continuously switched on, that’s why the vacuum loses continuously battery. Not much, but something. And that only for the integration of an app? Meh.

The Roidmi NEX 2 Pro in use

The floor nozzle as such is the same as the first generation NEX, but not the roller inside. This is now a successful construction of soft roller and v-shaped brush elements. This design makes the roller suitable for hard floors as well as carpet and dog hair (thanks to dog Loukas at this point). But of course it can unfold best on hard floors.

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner floor nozzle with floor roller
For hard floors an almost perfect device.
Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner floor roller
The floor nozzle from below with the attached roller.
Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner floor roller soft roller
Even longer hair does not get caught so easily.

When it comes to pure vacuuming, the Roidmi NEX 2 Pro is a force to be reckoned with. The suction power of 26,500 pa is noticeable on hard floors like carpets and does not pose a great challenge in everyday life. Coffee beans, muesli flakes – the NEX 2 Pro can even suck in larger toys. The only reason the suction fails is that the width of the feed hood and the suction pipe is limited.

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner
Once again Roidmi does not skimp on the suction power.
Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner button Increase suction
The suction stage can be changed at the back of the handle by pressing a button.

Good on carpet, but not very good

The NEX 2 Pro is also very good on carpet – but this performance is outshone by the Dyson V11 Absolute’s specially designed torque drive floor nozzle. This also applies to the carpet performance of all other vacuum cleaners we have tested so far. The NEX 2 Pro has a higher suction power than the V11 Absolute, but on carpet the British are currently unbeatable.

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner floor roller on carpet
Good on carpet – but technologically there is more to it than that.
Roidmi NEX 2 Pro vacuum cleaner carpet performance
Solid performance on carpets, but there is more to it than that.

Three different suction levels are implemented, so you can vary the volume and suction power. Here is a short list with the respective operating volume and working time:

  • Standard mode: 17,000 pa, 65 dB, 70 min.
  • Boost mode: 20,000 pa, 70 dB, 42 min.
  • Maximum suction power: 26,500 pa, 77 dB, 11 min

The latest Roidmi model is not quiet, but the operating noise is not as loud as other models. So it is a little easier to bear, but at the highest suction level the volume of 77 dB reminds you of grey cable vacuum cleaner days. For comparison: We humans talk at an average volume of 60 dB.

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro vacuum cleaner performance
Through the display you always have the remaining battery power in view.

Simultaneous vacuuming and wiping

Simultaneous wiping and vacuuming in one pass has remained unchanged except for the higher suction power. Have a look at the test review to see how well this works.

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro vacuum cleaner Water tank
The 0.2 l small water tank.
Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner wiper attachment
With attached wiping cloth.

In short, however, it can be said that the magnetic clipping of the water tank is still practical and cool, the floor is wiped evenly and sufficiently, but not too wet. It works as it should and replaces the standard mop by about 85 %. What is 100 % missing?

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner Attaching the water tank magnetically
I still find the magnetic attachment very fascinating.
Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner with wiper attachment
Click, on it is the tank filled with water and floor cleaner. You do not have to prepare more.

The water tank with its potential filling capacity of 0.2 l empties quite quickly. In addition, it is not always easy to fill the tank with water and then get the rubber cover back over the saving.

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner water tank cover
This little rubber cover doesn’t always want to be like me – maybe it’s because of me.

But if you succeed, not a drop will get to where it shouldn’t. I recommend here to use the small cleaning tool or a small cake fork. That’s all but whining on a high level, the suction-wiping system as such works as desired and is a real work relief.

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro battery vacuum cleaner vacuuming and wiping
Practical to have vacuumed and wiped in one go.

Mite hand vacuum cleaner and LED lights

Yeah okay, you can read about it in the review of the predecessor, but I can’t help but introduce the two points to you. Like almost all new models, the NEX 2 Pro is a 2-in-1 model, so it can be quickly converted to a handheld vacuum cleaner. This is practical because you can quickly suck something away, but with the included mite attachment you can also do something against your allergic reactions. House dust allergy sufferers like me at least.

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner handheld mite attachment
With the mite attachment over textiles, then you have a lot of white powder in the dust chamber.
Roidmi NEX 2 Pro Battery Vacuum Cleaner Mite Attachment Hand Vacuum Cleaner Textiles Sofa Cushion
Over the sofa and cushions – such attachments are extremely practical for allergy sufferers.

I’ll spare you a long lecture on house dust mites, but I can only advise allergy sufferers to do something about the little beasts. Then there is another topic that is not equally important for everyone: Like its predecessors, the NEX 2 Pro has LED lights built into the floor nozzle that automatically turn on when it gets dark around the nozzle. This gives the user a better overview under the bed, in dark corners etc.

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner automatic LED lights
LED lights provide more visibility in dark corners.
Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner LED lights floor nozzle
The LED lights turn on automatically when it gets dark around them.

The battery consumption by the LED lights is so low that it is hardly noticeable. Only if someone should worry about it. 😉

Conclusion: Exciting upgrade of the NEX?

Personally, I like the manufacturer Roidmi very much, the models have always been top quality and kept their promises. Devices with which one could be very satisfied after the not so pleasant payment. Clearly, Roidmi is the premium vacuum cleaner brand from Xiaomi’s ecosystem, Dreame the upper middle class and Jimmy the brand for the smaller purse.

There is nothing really to criticize about the Roidmi NEX 2 Pro, it is a successful successor of the first NEX generation. Top workmanship, modern design, high absorbency, wipes well and generally everything works as it should. It is debatable about the sense and use of the display and the LED lights, but the vacuum cleaner is just made for those who want to have everything in one device and appreciate fancy gadgets.

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner performance right
Do you want the ultimate or is less enough?

Well, what can fail when one device can do just about everything? Right, the price. I personally wouldn’t pay that price, because I consider ~$400 to be too expensive for a cordless vacuum cleaner in general. Yes, compared to Dyson or Vorwerk still “cheap”, but compared to the Dreame-models it is a completely different price range.

You have to ask yourself: Do I want a good cordless vacuum cleaner for $150-250 (Dreame) because I just want a clean floor (without mopping) – or do I want the ultimate in features? I’m with the former, although as a tester I’m naturally a fan of a wide range of functions.

What do you think of the new Roidmi?

  • highest suction power measured by us
  • Vacuum and wipe at the same time
  • Performance on hard floors and carpets
  • automatic switching on LEDs for dark corners
  • Design and processing top
  • Bluetooth continuously switched on
  • App integration not really useful
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