News Roidmi NEX 2 in 1 Battery Vacuum Cleaner in Crowdfunding: Vacuuming and Wiping

The Roidmi Nex has been in crowdfunding at Inidiegogo since 04.07.2019. The price for supporters with the “Premium Kit Early Bird” package is only $298. In the China shops the price for the wiping vacuum cleaner will be above $350, so support might be worth it.

Sometimes there are working days in the everyday life of a CG editor, where you find one cool gadget after the other. On other days it’s more difficult again. However, this news almost knocked me off my chair: Roidmi launches the long-awaited, real successor of the Roidmi F8. This will not only be announced with the highest suction power measured so far, but will also be a world first: The Roidmi NEX should be able to vacuum and wipe at the same time (!).

Roidmi NEX Battery Vacuum Cleaner Wiping Function

Geekbuying was so resourceful to list the vacuum cleaner already. The price indicated there should not yet be taken too seriously. Also the technical data listed in the shop to the world novelty one must regard with a critical view.

Technical data of ROIDMI NEX: Comparison to Roidmi F8

Roidmi NEX

Roidmi NEX Battery Vacuum Cleaner

Roidmi F8

Roidmi F8E Elite Battery Vacuum Cleaner Design

Suction power 23,500 pa 18,500 pa (comparison: Dibea D18: 9000 pa)
App Xiaomi Home” (Android, iOS) or “Roidmi” (Android, iOS) Xiaomi Home” (Android, iOS) or “Roidmi” (Android, iOS)
Noise level 72 dB (at highest suction level) 75 dB (at highest suction level)
Battery 2500 mAh 2500 mAh
Suction stages Three Two
Working time 60 min (Standard mode), 38 min (Boost mode), 10 min (Max suction power) 55 min (Max suction power)
Charging time 2.5 h 2.5 h (other models: 5 h)
Dust chamber 0.4 l 0.4 l
Dimensions 119.1 x 25.9 x 15.8 cm 119.1 x 25.9 x 15.8 cm
Weight 2.6 kg (as hand vacuum cleaner: 1.5 kg) 2.6 kg (as hand vacuum cleaner: 1.5 kg)
CE mark n.a. no

At least according to the technical data sheet – which of course still has to prove itself in practice – there are some strong technical innovations. More suction power, a little quieter, a little longer working time and one more suction stage (thus more variation possibilities) make the new battery-powered vacuum cleaner interesting. But what makes it even more interesting, of course, is its wiping function.

Roidmi NEX Battery Vacuum Cleaner Comparison Design Roidmi F8
Is the Roidmi NEX beating its predecessor by far?

Roidmi NEX: The Dyson Killer?

The exciting news came through a video. There is only little that can be filtered out, but one thing seems certain: the suction power should be 23,500 pa (!). That would be the highest value a battery-powered vacuum cleaner would bring to the scoreboard to date. This would definitely make the Roidmi NEX suitable for coarser carpets and other complicated surfaces.

Youtube Video Preview

Like its predecessor, the NEX can also be connected via app, but we haven’t really been able to determine the meaning behind it with the F8 either. Who cares: The vacuum cleaner is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. The vacuum cleaner has “its own Bluetooth”.

Roidmi NEX Battery Vacuum Cleaner Use
Values that should scare the competition: High suction power, tens of rotations per minute.

Despite triple noise suppression, the operating volume is still 72 dB. That’s quite a lot for a vacuum cleaner, but not so loud that you wouldn’t be able to cope with it. However, talking on the phone or watching TV at the same volume as before the vacuum cleaner falls flat.

A big bonus from me personally: The LED lights on the floor nozzle are also there again, just like on the F8. So you can see every grain of dust under furniture or in more complicated corners. The vacuum cleaner automatically detects when it is in a dark environment and switches the lights on automatically.

Roidmi NEX Battery Vacuum Cleaner Floor Nozzle
When it comes to design, something has changed, especially in the floor nozzle.

120,000 rotations per minute correspond to the standards of the most powerful models. For comparison, the new Dyson V11 ($599) has 125,000 rpm. Up to 350 m² should be cleanable with one battery charge and a corresponding working time of 60 minutes before the vacuum cleaner has to go back to the charging station wall bracket. Is this the Chinese’s final takeover?

Wiping and vacuuming in one unit

The principle behind simultaneous wiping and vacuuming works as follows: A further attachment with a 0.18 l water tank is added to the floor nozzle, which makes it possible to use the battery-powered vacuum cleaner as a mop. However, the floor nozzle, over which the dust is vacuumed, remains on. Accordingly, the Roidmi NEX vacuums and wipes at the same time. But how does it manage that this does not result in a large pile of mud?

Roidmi NEX Battery Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaning at the same time

The system is known by the marketing name “Air X Dust Separation Technology“. The reason is that this technology recognizes when the vacuum cleaner is dirty and when it needs to be wiped. Sounds strange at first. But if it works, it would be a strong new development. First the dirt that appears in front of the floor nozzle is vacuumed in and then wiped afterwards. Probably there is more behind it technologically, we will keep an eye on it.

Of course we also have various attachments with us – as usual with other models – such as the mite attachment for combating house dust mites. The NEX can also be used as a hand-held vacuum cleaner, for example for cars or if you want to vacuum something away quickly.

Roidmi NEX Battery Vacuum Cleaner Scope of Delivery
The scope of delivery of the Roidmi NEX.


At first, the vacuum robot market was really busy with new releases, now the newly announced Jimmy JV83 (test report coming soon) as well as Dibea F20 and F20 Pro are followed by the battery-powered vacuum cleaners. Vacuuming and wiping at the same time – that will be exciting. At Geekbuying the Roidmi NEX is already pre-orderable, accordingly the other shops will follow shortly. The prices quoted there must first be questioned critically: Shortly after the first reports about a new device, the shops are primarily concerned with listing the product before the others.

It remains to be seen whether the 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner is really convincing. So far only the Dreame V9 has managed to pass by the Roidmi F8. To quote Frank Castello from “Departed”: “Because the crown weighs heavy”.

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