Rubber foot holder for pencils or toothbrushes for $1.53

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You want an extraordinary organizer for your bathroom or your workplace? Maybe just a gadget that will make your guests smile at the next party? With the rubber foot holder this is no problem.

Rubber foot holder with pens

The bracket looks like a small foot. They are kept in skin colours, which makes them look very authentic. It also has 5 toes, but they are arranged so that you can hook in two pens, toothbrushes or charging cables. There is a suction cup on the back of the holder. With this you can glue the holder in the bathroom to the tiles or also to the desk, at the workplace. What must definitely be given is the very smooth surface. Without this surface the suction cup cannot really hold or not for a long time.

Rubber Foot Mount Vinyl

The rubber foot holder is not large with the dimension of 6.8 x 4 x 5 cm. Therefore the holder can theoretically be fixed everywhere. The visible foot is available in two versions, because you also have two different feet. A left and a right foot. Unfortunately you can’t choose which mount you get. A random foot holder is supplied. If you want to have e.g. both foot holders it can happen that you get two equal feet.

Rubber foot holder pair


Whether as a gag on Halloween with a little artificial blood or as a real organizer in the bathroom or at the desk. The rubber foot holder not only looks funny, but can also be practical. If you want something other than a cup for your toothbrush or pencils or don’t want your cables to knot in your chair, you might have found a good alternative. But of course there are also normal cable holders from China.

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