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Camping is a good thing especially in summer, but most people tend to sleep worse in tents than at home. With the self inflating travel pillow at least your head is in the right position! It takes up very little space when empty.

self inflating travel pillow

Perfect for on the go?

Sleeping mat and sleeping bag are probably the best known camping utensils and although the sleeping bag becomes a hate object again at least when you pack it up, a practical self-inflating travel pillow can certainly win over some fans. Especially when you’re travelling for a longer period of time, then little comfort is always welcome, isn’t it?

self inflating travel pillow stow away
The valve and the material in a larger view

The pillow measures 48 x 30 cm and is about 10-12 cm thick when inflated. You can choose between green, red, orange or blue. The material of the cushion is PVC and if you open the valve you can decide how much air you want to get in. Especially handy is the fact that a patch set is included so that any tears can be removed directly. The cushion is then stored in a small bag and can be packed into the backpack without any problems.

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