Self-stirring Mug for your morning coffee for $6,74

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There is nothing more important than getting out of bed in the morning and getting that warm, comforting cup of coffee. While you’re still half asleep you stumble across your living room, thinking about your to-do list for the day, you wonder why you didn’t stir that coffee more, because now you can taste all the sugar that’s left on the bottom of the cup. Damn. That’s not how your day should start. So, we’ve found the perfect home-gadget for you.

Self stirring mug black

We’d like to present to you the self-stirring mug for those mornings where you are to sleepy to even stir properly your coffee. Yes, he stirs on it’s own. Unbelievable! All you need are 2 x AAA batteries, and he’s ready to go. Use him also to stir those mug soups that have to be stirred for what feels like an eternity. Anyway, this mug is about to become your favourite mug, in the most simple way. For the morning lazyness, the self-stirring mug.

Self stirring mug on table

The self-stirring mug is definitely a classic China-Gadget, which we already used in our offices. It is still a great present for your office colleagues, because let’s face it, if you can save your energy, you should!

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