Selpic P1 mobile printer from $99 – print QR codes and logos on the go

Printers have become an integral part of our lives and almost everyone will have one of these bulky devices at home. But they are also mobile and compact and with the Selpic P1 they are not much bigger than a regular ballpoint pen. Practical tool or new access for the gadget drawer?

Compact printer for on the road

For their mobile printer Selpic has chosen a stick design. It measures 13.00 x 3.10 x 2.39 cm and weighs 181 g. This makes it definitely suitable for use on the road. Apart from that, the printer is kept rather plain in black. There is a protective cover for the side where the printing unit is located, so you can easily stow it in a backpack without fear of smearing the ink.

The printer supports a print resolution of up to 600 dpi and should be able to print 90 A4 pages per ink cartridge. Regular inkjet printers can only laugh about this specification, but they are not mobile. The Selpic P1 is probably not a replacement for a conventional printer. The battery is relatively durable, as Selpic promises that the printer can print continuously for three hours.

Unfortunately only one color at a time

While regular printers can usually print in many different colors, you have to choose a color for the Selpic. You can choose between magenta, cyan, yellow and black. To turn your smartphone into an instant camera, it’s not really suitable. So what can you use it for? Selpic gives business cards, logos, barcodes or QR codes as examples. But of course you can also print small texts.

So how does it all work? First you create your print image with the app (PC / Mac / iOS / Android) and then it will be transferred to the printer via Wi-Fi. Then you are asked to drag the printer like a highlighter over the print area. So you need to have steady hands here. Selpic also specifies wood, metal, plastic and leather as printing surfaces.

Indiegogo price can keep up with the competition

Another decisive factor is the price. In his Indiegogo campaign, the printer is expected to cost $99, which is not an unusual price range for mobile printers. After the campaign, the EIA is $199, which makes it very expensive. But it remains to be seen whether it will ever be sold for this price. Another factor is the ink cartridges. There is no information about the price of these yet, for other mobile printers it is around $25. Whether the Selpic p1 is really worth it depends on this.


I must say I’m a little skeptical. In itself, the idea of a mobile printer is great, and if it can really print sensibly on other materials, it has yet another advantage over normal printers. Somewhere I see potential for QR and barcode use, I just don’t know where. Thanks to his app he is also one step ahead of the MBrush. We are not quite sure when exactly the Campaign will start but will let you know in the article. Do you have a location for the mobile printer?

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