Update: Magic sequins pillowcases from $1.33

Is that awesome? Or old news? The in any case unusual sequins pillowcases, which magically change their color, are available from China for under $4. More unusual messages, on the other hand, are a little more expensive. For example this rainbow pillowcase.

Sequins Pillowcase


Meanwhile, you can find a huge amount of different motives and colours of the sequin pillowcases. Rainbow colours, smileys, unicorns…

I fucking hate people pillow

This one is especially nice for when you have guests over at your house šŸ˜€

The cushions are embroidered with sequins of different colours, which can be turned to the other side by stroking over them, creating the effect. This comes across better in moving pictures than if we would describe it endlessly here, so just watch our video:

Youtube Video Preview

Just leave a text message on the sofa? Live out your own creativity without ruining the upholstery with felt-tip pens? The cushions no longer match the new couch covers? The size of the pillowcases is indicated in all shops with 40 x 40cm, so make sure you have the matching pillows in stock. Then nothing will stand in the way of a colourful, shiny apartment.

Additional tip: Sequins may also help against extreme boredom.

Sequins Pillowcases

Finding the right cushions for these covers could be difficult. It would probably be easier to fill them yourself with the appropriate filling material.

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