James Bond Gadget – Servo K07 ballpoint pen for $23.20

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Still one of the more interesting gadgets on this blog: the Servo K07 ballpoint pen. Currently available for $23.20 at AliExpress.

You’re a big James Bond fan because he always uses unusual gadgets? Then this gadget might be something for you. The Servo K07 is probably the most interesting ballpoint pen or should you say: the best mini mobile phone with ballpoint function?!

Servo K07 ballpoint pen

Technical data

SIM cardDual SIM slot
Internal memory32 MB, memory expandable via microSD card
Display size2,4 cm
Battery300 mAh Battery
Talk timeup to 7 hours

Servo K07 Scope of delivery

Included in delivery are four ballpoint refills for changing, a micro USB charging cable, a 300 mAh battery and the ballpoint pen with an English manual. The ballpoint pen measures 117 x 21 mm and weighs 33 g with the battery inserted. The case is made of plastic, but is still well made and nothing wobbles or rattles.

Servo K07 ballpoint pen display
Small display but nevertheless everything recognizable.

The back can be removed. Underneath there is space for the battery, two SIM card slots and a compartment for a microSD card. Hey, real dual SIM – not even all modern smartphones can do that. ?

Servo K07 Dual Sim Slots
Ballpoint pen contains a dual SIM and a space for a memory card.

Telephony and Bluetooth

Using a ballpoint pen on the phone sounds strange at first – and to be honest, it is. When you make a test call, you almost don’t understand the other person. I, on the other hand, am understood a bit dull, but well – at least something. Telephoning with a ballpoint pen is something you are not familiar with and sometimes it is also very funny.

The Bluetooth connection is ten metres long and the devices are connected very quickly, both when pairing for the first time and when pairing again. The manufacturer does not specify which Bluetooth standard the pen uses, but you can’t expect more than 4.0. For the very limited applications, however, this is perfectly sufficient.

Servo K07 ballpoint pen holding
Unobtrusive, if you want it. But fast when it comes to communication.

Of course there is no good sound, but this ballpoint pen should not play music and radio. At least you’re an agent who doesn’t have time for such gimmicks. Your mission: to warn others when something is being done by your opponents. And a real James Bond doesn’t care much about what he’s told anyway.

Picture quality of the camera

The regular “Spycam” of the ballpoint pen is there only for fun and reminds a little of the time of the first mobile phone cameras 15 years ago. With 0.3 Megapixel one cannot recognize even with a portrait much. But there also only the gesture counts, because a true spy can do also differently.

Servo K07 camera 0.3 MP
The picture is really pixelated. Only we can see that this is one of our editors.

The ballpoint pen

Oh, yeah, the real reason why this gadget even exists. The ballpoint pen is actually only the housing for the mobile phone, many think. No. The Servo K07 can really write. The refill even writes very fine and the replacement refills have no faults and are well packed so that they don’t dry out. The writing comfort is also very pleasant. I prefer such a kind of ballpoint pen, because ballpoint pens that are too thin are very unpleasant for me to hold or write on. For the price there are clearly better ballpoint pens, but you can’t make phone calls with them.

Servo K07 fine ballpoint pen refill
Through the thin mine, you can write very fine and thin with the ballpoint pen.


Anyone who doesn’t firmly believe that he can be a real Agent 007 is wrong here. You have to be up for an “agent gadget” to like this ballpoint pen. Whether it would also help the right James Bond, nobody can know, because he investigates undercover. What would you use the SERVO K07 for?

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Comments (8)

  • Profile picture from shain
    # 25.06.19 um 19:32


    Cant wait to try

    • Profile picture from Thorben
      # 26.06.19 um 11:45

      Thorben CG team

      @shain: If you try it, don't hesitate to share your opinion.

      • Profile picture from Lily
        # 06.05.20 um 20:51


        Do you know where I can buy ink refills for this pen. I have one but the ink cartridges are tiny and haven't a clue how to get mire

        • Profile picture from Thorben
          # 07.05.20 um 10:37

          Thorben CG team

          Hey Lily, I'm not quite sure what kind of refills they are but maybe try and contact the seller on Amazon. They should be able to give you more information.

        • Profile picture from Lisa C
          # 08.05.20 um 18:41

          Lisa C

          Very cool little item! How much have you used it?

  • Profile picture from Alex Skvortzov
    # 08.05.20 um 14:42

    Alex Skvortzov

    Pen… Really? Common, the thing is huge.
    Im gonna try making it a kind of wide bracelet.. Whit the open panel from inside aqva prof

  • Profile picture from Heinz meschnark
    # 19.02.22 um 11:43

    Heinz meschnark

    How can I write the dates from the device to my PC
    Thanks in advance

    • Profile picture from Henning
      # 22.02.22 um 10:16

      Henning CG team

      Hey Heinz,
      you can try to insert the MicroSD card into the PC. Alternatively you can try to connect the ballpoint pen with a cable to the PC.
      I hope I could help you with that 🙂

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