No more arguments with your girlfriend – shaving apron for $0.99

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Intensive beard care is important. However, the hair residues in the sink are less pleasing to the respective roommates and life partners. The bizarre solution comes of course from China. You attach the shaving apron to the mirror, change it and the problem is solved!

While you don’t care about your own hair in the sink, it probably stops being beautiful when someone else shaves. And unfortunately it makes no difference whether it is your own son, brother, roommate or partner. Good thing there’s a solution for almost everything these days: Shaving Apron

Shaving apron with suction cups

The concept is actually quite simple: Take a big bib… Of course I meant an apron for real men made of polyester, which can be shaken out and washed off easily, equip it with two suction cups and have an invention that can probably save many a relationship. After you have attached the apron to the mirror or bathroom tiles in front of you, simply put it around your neck and close it with the two Velcro strips – and you can get to work with on your beard with the Xiaomi razor. This not only saves you a fight with your mum or your loved one, but also time: Emptying your apron over the garbage is guaranteed to cost you less time than removing the stubbles from your fresh shirt, sink and floor 😉

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