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You just arrive at the festival area, but it starts to rain right away. Then it doesn’t take long, and the campground and the festival area are only muddy. Those who don’t want to soak their good shoes completely on the first day should protect them. Thanks to the Festival Feet or reusable shoe covers this is possible with a lot of style.

Festival Feet Converse Design

Rain at the festival? Let the shoes live

With this cover you can protect your shoes and feet from bad weather conditions. All you have to do with your shoes is get into the plastic bags and tie them to the strap. This ensures a firm hold and prevents the water from running into your shoes from above. If you don’t need the pieces anymore, you can fold them up and stow them away.

Festival Feet Converse Handling
Does not take up too much space in the camping bag and is easy to fold.

Of course you could also use a garbage bag, but it doesn’t look that pretty ;-). The shoe covers are based on the design of the Converse Chuck Taylors and are a real eye-catcher with their oversize.

Talking about eye-catchers: If you want to see your shoes AND protect them, you won’t get a style downgrade with these covers:

Shoe rain cover design

For real fashion lovers it is important that the sneakers can be seen in any weather. The overshoes are not cheap, but they serve their purpose: the shoes are still visible and stay dry. If you scroll down a bit in the Banggood range, you will also find a size chart, so that you can choose the right shoe size. For women and men with normal sized feet there should be something for everyone.

What do you think? Practical or does the good old garbage bag do the same?

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