Silicone work pads for soldering in different variations

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You like to fiddle around with smartphones or other gadgets? Then these Silicone work pads might be just what you are looking for. Not only is it heat-resistant and has a few magnetic compartments – in general it simply has a lot of compartments and little extras that can be useful when working around.

Silicone work pads

The blue silicone pad measures 45 x 30 cm and is approx. 5 mm thick, all at a weight of 655 g. In addition, the work surface of the handicraft base is heat-resistant up to 500 °C and thus suitable for soft soldering processes. The individual fields of the pad are labeled in English and Chinese, even if such subjects can of course always be used freely depending on the situation. Besides over 100 compartments for your screws, there are also three small boxes that can be covered. Additionally you can put your screwdrivers and the like into some more holes. Further extras are a built-in “ruler” (0-36 cm) and four different magnetic areas.

Heat-resistant silicone work pads
The areas in the overview. Also on the mat itself there are inscriptions in English & Chinese.

Certainly a good thing for hobbyists. There are similar silicone work pads for a little less money, but here you have to say that the cheaper pads usually have no magnetic fields and are generally less detailed. So if you can do anything with the pad’s extras, it’s a very useful gadget.

Magnetic work mat Mike

Magnetic work mat Mike empty

As you can see from the pictures, the simpler variant has considerably less storage space and storage areas. But for smaller jobs and without many small parts, this mat should work just as well as the more expensive alternative. This mat is also heat-resistant and is ideal for (smaller) handicrafts, as a cutting surface and for soldering. In my opinion an investment that is worthwhile to work clean and tidy.

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