SKG 4098 Massager against neck pain for 42,79€/$48

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You sleep with your head five centimeters too far to the side – and bang, you have a stiff neck. Where a warm cloth and massaging with the hands no longer helps, perhaps something else is needed. Electric shocks for example. The SKG massager is supposed to massage the neck and relieve pain with electric impulses in addition to a heat treatment.

SKG massager details

Relaxation through electrical impulses

The 13.8 x 14.2 cm device is delivered together with remote control, a micro USB cable for charging and instructions. The white design and shape make it look very much like headphones that you wear around your neck. The insides of the massager are made of silicone, which makes it soft and non-slip, but it is not for people with allergies.

SKG massage device charging

SKG massage device remote controlThe battery of the massager has a capacity of 1500mAh and takes three hours to charge. A total of four hours of battery life or eight days with 30 minutes of daily use is specified by the manufacturer SKG.

SKG massage device charging

The most important elements are the two movable electrodes, they can heat up to 42° Celsius / 117° F and generate electrical impulses. This serves the purpose of bringing blood to the neck muscles, loosening and relaxing them. The electrical impulses contract the muscle again and again, which can release tension and stimulate blood circulation in this region. If the skin is dry, you can also rub the electrodes with gel or moisten the neck beforehand.

SKG Massage Device Performance

With the remote control, you can not only adjust the intensity of the electric impulses in 15 levels, but also turn on and off the heat treatment, as well as choose between three modes. These have, depending on your taste, a different rhythm in which the impulses are transmitted. You can also attach the remote control directly to the side of the massager.

SKG massager everyday life

Electromassage is actually nothing new, many of you probably know EMS training, which also creates muscle contraction through electrical impulses. However, here the muscle is trained rather than relaxed as with the SKG massager. How do you treat your tension or neck pain?

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