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Review Huami Amazfit Cor Midong on hand

Huami, who work closely with Xiaomi, have created with Amazfit their own series of smart watches and bracelets. At first glance, the Huami Amazfit Cor Midong Fitness Tracker looks like a hybrid of both, because despite the classic look of a fitness bracelet, it has a touch display. Why it really is a hybrid and what you can expect from this Amazfit, we show you here in the review.

News Xiaomi Oculus Go Facebook Advertising

An important cooperation: At CES, Facebook announced new details about the VR glasses “Oculus Go“, revealing that Xiaomi and Oculus have probably worked together more often in the past. For example, the PR glasses are manufactured by the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi, and the Chinese are also launching their own variant for China. The VR glasses now released by Facebook do not need a cable, a computer or a smartphone.

AllCall W1 Smartwatch

Smartwatches and fitness trackers, known as wearables, are becoming more and more popular as they are also much more affordable than they were a few years ago. Depending on what you expect from such a device, a fitness tracker might be enough. If you want to have more and therefore a “real” Smartwatch, you should keep an eye on the AllCall W1.

Tronsmart WC-01 wireless charger

The Qi-standard for wireless power transfer is in fact not that new. However, smartphone manufacturers don’t equip every new device with this technology. Still, producers release new accessories that support wireless charging. The Tronsmart WC-01 is another interesting product using Qi wireless charging because it simultaneously cools down your smartphone to prevent overheating.


Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver

More and more smartphone manufacturers turn their backs on the 3.5 mm jack plug connector. Although a large part of the users are rather negative towards this trend, it’s likely to continue in the future. But where does this primarily negative feedback come from? One reason may be the fact, that many people are relying on their cable headphones and can’t find equal Bluetooth alternatives. A form of remedy for this problem are Bluetooth audio receivers like the following one from Xiaomi.