No more looking for a charger cable? Smartphone holder with cable for $2.99

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

We already had multicables, cables hidden in bracelets and of course the latest trend, the Qi-Charger, for which you don’t need any cables at all anymore. But a completely different approach is this smartphone holder, where you always have the USB cable with you.

Multifunctional smartphone holder with cable

Multiple functions in a single gadget – that’s how we like it. This cable holder is glued to the back of the smartphone and has a self-adhesive underside. If you pull the cable out like a loop in the middle, you get a holder through which you can put a finger for a better grip. The cable can even be used as a support for the smartphone. Especially if you want to watch videos on it, this can be practical. In the normal state, the holder on the back is only a few millimeters thick and should hardly disturb.

Multifunction smartphone holder with cable

The actual cable is only eleven centimeters long, which is the price for being so convenient to store. If you want to charge your smartphone, you can remove the cable and use it. There are Micro-USB as well as Lightning and USB-C as selectable options for the plug, so all Android and Apple smartphones are covered. The color (at least in the Zapals offer) is unfortunately a random one: either white, black or red.

Multifunctional smartphone holder with cable adhesive
The underside of the holder with adhesive tape

Instead of gluing the holder on the mobile phone, you can also glue it on a power bank. Here, too, you always have the matching cable ready. On the back of the smartphone you also have the advantage of a holder for a safer grip.

With this gadget on the smartphone it should never happen again that you desperately look for your charging cable and can’t find it. Even if it’s relatively small, it’s better than no cable, isn’t it?

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