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Find out everything about smartphones from China. What are the hottest brands, what are the latest trends? And which smartphone is the right one for you? Here you’ll get all the answers.
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POCO X3 NFC Smartphone display

With the release of the POCO F2 Pro, the Xiaomi sub-brand POCO has made it clear where the journey is headed: there will be several POCO smartphones. While the Indian market was already being supplied with a POCO X2 and a POCO M2 Pro, things were quiet in Europe next to the flagship. But now there is the first middle class smartphone: the POCO X3 NFC.

Xiaomi Mi 10T rear side camera

The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro has become the favorite smartphone of many Xiaomi fans last year. Now some promising details about a possible Xiaomi Mi 10T and Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro have been leaked. And of course there’s probably even a Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite planned.

Redmi Note 9 Pro Smartphone in hand

The probably most popular smartphone series from Xiaomi is getting new blood. The Redmi Note 9 series is the cheapest model, while the Redmi Note 9S and Redmi Note 9 Pro are almost identical in construction. Are the differences worth the extra charge of the Redmi Note 9 series or will you be happy with the Redmi Note 9S?

Redmi K30 Pro Smartphone Design

The Pocophone F1 was an extremely important smartphone for Xiaomi in 2018. The price-performance killer was a real flagship for just under $300 and thus drew the attention of many people to Xiaomi for the first time. The POCO F2 Pro  was introduced and is, as expected, identical in construction to the Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro. But Poco has also become more expensive.

Your Source for the Best Chinese Smartphones

Ask yourself this: Do I need to have the latest Samsung Galaxy? Is the newest iPhone really worth its price? What's the alternative to those pricey phones nowadays? The answer to that is pretty simple: Buying from China. Smartphones from China are gaining more and more popularity nowadays; Huawei, OnePlus, and Xiaomi being the best examples. Whether you're looking for the sharpest displays, the best cameras, the biggest batteries or small display notches: Chinese manufacturers got you covered.

In our thorough reviews, we don't just put the phones to a simple test. Over time we've developed high standards as the manufacturers themselves raise the bar from model to model. Which smartphone has the best camera? Which smartphone has the best display? Which smartphone is the best one? Though we can't really answer that last question, we do try to at least show you some of the best phones out there. And believe me, we value a lot of things in a good cell phone, ranging from great design & build quality through good performance and a long battery life to top-notch processing.

At you'll find honest reviews, thorough hands-on tests, the newest announcements and breaking news about the major smartphone manufacturers from China. We're never going to lie to you and that's a promise. If we don't like a phone, we' ll tell you honestly and straight away and vice versa - all so that you can make a good and reasonable decision when buying a Chinese cell phone.

And because we're talking Chinese smartphones, there's one more important thing you're guaranteed to find: The best price.