Oldschool: SNES Qi charging station for $9.99

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Future meets past. The modern, wireless charging standard Qi, which some smartphones now support, meets the controller of what is perhaps the most iconic home console of all time, the SNES, and thus becomes the SNES Qi charging station.

SNES Qi charging station

No controller – One charging station

Optically it reminds strongly of the retro-controllers of 8Bitdo. Maybe that’s why we need to clarify: This is not a gamepad. If you only see the pictures, you could think it is – and how cool would it be if you could use it like that? But in fact it is simply a charging station for wireless charging. This means that the smartphone is simply placed on the gadget and charged by induction without any plug connection. However, your mobile phone must support the Qi standard.

We have already introduced other such wireless charging stations, such as models from UMIDIGI and Tronsmart. Most of the time they are a little more expensive than this model here. However, they may charge faster than this model with a maximum of 10 watts. Current smartphones that support wireless charging include the Mi MIX 2S, but also iPhone 8 and X and Samsung’s Galaxy models.

The charging station has a USB-C input and comes with an appropriate cable. Overvoltage protection and automatic shutdown when charging is complete are also integrated.

So if you get a suitable Qi-charger for your home, why not one with a retro look? Especially if it’s on the shelf next to the console anyway, this charger does a good job of course.

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