Never get up again? Sofa Bag Cup Holder with storage compartment for $6.22

I bet everyone has already performed the wildest acrobatic acts to reach all areas of the room from the main square. This of course involves a certain risk and some injuries or blemishes in the parquet will surely result from such attempts. You can protect yourself from getting up with this Sofa Bag Cup Holder for your regular seat, because everything important should find room here – without ruining the furniture if something falls over.

Sofa Bag Cup Holder

So who’s gonna bring us the rations now?

On every page, the order miracle has a bag for newspapers, magazines or other employment opportunities, if you have to wait for the end of the advertisement or just “want to have everything under control”. A total of six pockets offer enough space to stow all kinds of things. They are connected via the extended middle section, which offers a storage space for coffee cups and the like and should thus also counteract possible eruptions. The gadget measures about 31 x 18,5 x 17 cm, the material is nylon. One question still remains, however: Who brings us beer and food?!

Couch Coaster cup holder
The silicone holder adapts to any sofa backrest.

The holder called “Couch Coaster”, which is available on Amazon, is made of silicone and only offers space for a glass, mug or cup. But it is a little more flexible in use, offers better hold for the drink and is easier to stow away.

We find the bags very practical and interesting. I mean: Who likes to move away from the couch? What do you think about the pocket devices?

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