SOOCAS X5 electric toothbrush with app for $70.79

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Like the Oclean X we recently tested, the SOOCAS brand comes from the Xiaomi universe. So we also ordered the SOOCAS X5. What speaks for the electric toothbrush – apart from the good price? We tested it.

SOOCAS X5 electric toothbrush advertising

Technical data: Comparison to Oclean X

The Oclean X made it into my bathroom after several skeptical phases and displaced the standard manual toothbrush from the toothbrush cup. So I could compare both toothbrushes from the Xiaomi sphere directly with each other and compete against each other. In order not to fill you with a long continuous text, here the direct comparison in table form. It becomes more detailed then in the further text.


Soocas X5 Electric Toothbrush Product Photo

Oclean X

Xiaomi Oclean X electric toothbrush Product photo

Battery life in standby30 days21 days
Displayno Display0.96 inch OLED Display
IP certificationIPX7 (dust and water repellent)IPX7 (dust and water repellent)
Cleaning levels432 Cleaning and care levels
selectable brush headsthreeone
Battery1000 mAh800 mAh
Dimensions27.2 x 23.7 x 8.2 cm24.3 x 24.3 x 2.4 cm
Weight121.3 g99.2 g

Packaging and scope of delivery

One should be careful with superlatives, but I have not seen a more beautiful packaging in my more than three years as a tester yet.

SOOCAS X5 electric toothbrush packaging
I can’t say what “Ián” is all about, but the packaging is great.

The packaging gives you the impression of planning a trip to the beach with your toothbrush. So finely packed and designed only a few packages from China arrived here.

SOOCAS X5 electric toothbrush packaging scope of delivery
Just nothing to complain about, that’s something to be proud of.

n the scope of supply is except the toothbrush:

  • Toothbrush cup with inscription “Ián” (very cool)
  • Charging station with USB charging cable
  • three brush heads
  • Travel case for toothbrush storage
  • Operating instructions in Chinese only
SOOCAS X5 electric toothbrush Scope of delivery
The scope of delivery of the X5.

Replacement brush heads are relatively expensive, at least three brush heads are included, which takes some time. Since the toothbrush for an electric toothbrush is not too expensive, you bite into a not too sour apple. My personal highlight that decorates my bathroom from now on: The toothbrush cup. If you want to get the full number of points in the scope of delivery, you have to add it.

SOOCAS X5 electric toothbrush cleaning cup
How cool is that toothbrush cup, please?! Yes, I’m probably the only one who celebrates it like that (Thorben too).

Design and workmanship

The toothbrush with the dimensions 27.2 x 23.7 x 8.2 cm weighs 121.3 g (without brush head), and has average values for a toothbrush. The biggest difference to the Oclean X: The SOOCAS X5 has no built-in display. But on the surface there are LED elements that inform about cleaning modes and Bluetooth connection.

SOOCAS X5 Electric Toothbrush Comparison Oclean X5 Design
The X5 has LED lights, the Oclean X has a display.

The IPX7 certification makes the toothbrush dustproof and waterproof, but you can’t dive with it. I’m not sure there are many people who do this, but you can shower with a toothbrush. Just for information.

SOOCAS X5 Electric Toothbrush Controls
On the upper side there are control elements and LEDs.

In terms of design and workmanship, however, I see the Oclean X a bit ahead. The plastic used by Oclean is of a higher quality, it also looks a bit better than the SOOCAS model. But there’s nothing wrong with the workmanship of both toothbrushes. The display of the Oclean X looks a lot better than the lighting elements on the X5, but otherwise the differences in these points are marginal.

A CE mark is unfortunately not included. The included travel case is a plus for me, it’s really chic:

SOOCAS X5 electric toothbrush case
I love the travel case.
SOOCAS X5 electric toothbrush travel case with logo
The SOOCAS logo can be found everywhere.

The SOOCAS X5 in use

Before you can start working with the X5, you have to choose one of the three brush heads. These differ in shape. Since we are probably not all dentists, SOOCAS was kind enough to label the individual attachments: Clean, Polish and Soft is written on the individual heads. Clean is something like the “normal” version, Polish is for more extensive, gentle cleaning and Soft is a – well – softer brush head.

SOOCAS X5 Electric Toothbrush Brushes
Clean, Polish or Soft: We have the choice.

The 1000 mAh battery guarantees 30 days battery life in standby. In practice, the toothbrush has to be recharged once or twice a month during normal use. I think it is a reasonable value.

SOOCAS X5 electric toothbrush charging station
Charging station in the socket, toothbrush on it, charging process initiated.

At 37,200 rotations per minute, the X5 works for two and a half minutes without changing the setting in the app. It uses thirty-second intervals, so with a little practice you can change the area in your mouth after an interval. In addition, the toothbrush automatically detects which tooth area it is currently in. So it’s really smart.

SOOCAS X5 Electric Toothbrush Buttons Meaning
On the toothbrush itself a lot can be reconstructed.

When you press the big round button on the toothbrush, it starts turning the brush head. The vibration intensity can be adjusted with the two other controls below. It works like smartphones with the volume keys: press up and the level will increase, press down and the vibration level will decrease.

There’s nothing wrong with the brushing experience, but it’s not much different from other electric toothbrushes.

The “SOOCAS” App

The associated App Soocas (Android, iOS) wants before registration inexplicable permissions from its user, including access to calls and SMS. I can’t understand this and it reduces the good impression of the toothbrush. Is it possible to use the toothbrush for making phone calls?

It is not possible to register in the app without granting all authorizations. So what to do? You can grant authorizations, but withdraw them again after registration. It’s bad that this has to be the case. The app is only available in English. Nevertheless other regions can be selected.

Soocas X5 Electric Toothbrush App Registration
A profile picture can also be selected, for whatever reason.

A disposable email address cannot be used because you need access to your mail account to enter a security code. Accordingly, a spam mail address, which most people should have by now, is suitable.

Bluetooth and medals

The connection to the app is established via Bluetoooth, but the app only found the brush on several smartphones if you searched directly via the brush instead of via the smartphone. But this can be done quickly and easily.

Soocas X5 Electric Toothbrush App Bluetooth Connection
Connecting the app to the toothbrush works via Bluetooth.

The app would like to know more about its new user: Gender, age, whether you have tooth decay and the approximate tooth color.

Soocas X5 Electric Toothbrush App Information for Users

I think the “Achievements”, i.e. achievable goals that are awarded with medals, are pretty cool. “Fresh oral smell owl”, “Plaque fighter” or “Early Bird” can motivate you to do more in the bathroom. But to be honest, brushing your teeth is still only fun for a few.

Soocas X5 Electric Toothbrush App Goals Interface
Left condition of the brush head, center targets in the form of medals, right the interface of the app.

The app evaluates each cleaning with a score that can be displayed over a day, a month and a quarter of a year. If the current value is not displayed, you can synchronize the toothbrush with the app by dragging down on the smartphone screen in the start interface.

You don’t have to use the app too urgently, at least not to be able to use the full functionality of the toothbrush. The condition of the brush head can be easily understood by yourself, the medals are not mandatory, the setting of the cleaning time (2 or 2.5 minutes) is also of secondary importance.

Conclusion: Buy SOOCAS X5 toothbrush?

For a Xiaomi fanboy, a Xiaomi toothbrush certainly belongs in the bathroom. But from my point of view the Oclean X, not the SOOCAS X5. Cleaning with the X5 is definitely good, functional and inexpensive. But the app “Oclean” is much more extensive and offers a huge scenario of cleaning modes, which are simply more useful and better tailored for the individual user.

SOOCAS X5 Electric Toothbrush Comparison Oclean X5
Both toothbrushes from the Xiaomi universe are recommended, but the Oclean X (r.) is the one that makes the race for me.

The four cleaning steps and light elements of the toothbrush are definitely practical, but I consider the display of the Oclean to be even more advantageous. The SOOCAS X5 is (without being a dentist) a good toothbrush.

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