Discreet, handy and retractable: space-saving clothesline for 23,06€/$20.69/£16.61

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Space! We need space! Especially in the big city, this is often an expensive commodity. So it’s all the better that there are smart people who are tackling this problem.


Unobtrusive conspicuous

Even if you don’t always see the clothesline right away, it’s always there. Almost like a good friend. It fits unobtrusively into the room and hardly takes up any space. When needed, you can extend it and when the laundry is dry, then retract the line again, similar to the cable of a vacuum cleaner.

Extend, hook up and hang up.


A practical feature that the clothesline has is the 180° rotation. Thus, the line can be folded flat against the wall after use. Does not stand out and does not interfere further. The clothesline is 2 cm wide and equipped with holes that allow one to hang hangers. About the sliding knob, the line can then be tightened so that nothing hangs down and everything sits nice and tight.

Extend, hook up and hang up.


The case measures 13.5 x 10 x 4.7 cm and is made of ABS plastic. Whereas the clothesline is made of TPU plastic. It measures 420 x 2 cm. At the end of the clothesline is a metal pendant made of stainless steel. The hook to which the pendant is attached is also made of stainless steel. The framework is said to be able to carry up to 20 kg of laundry.

Extended, it looks a bit clunky, but still better than a clothes horse.


In itself, I quite like the idea. You can hang your laundry if necessary without having to sacrifice storage space for it. It would be better if you had installed two clotheslines instead of a single one, because on one does not fit very much on it. At 420 cm long, it should also be sufficient for most rooms. Therefore, I see this gadget rather in a small single apartment.

Who the gadget is too expensive, can also reach for the cheaper alternative, although here you have to do without the non-slip line and and the hangers are probably quickly blown away by the wind.

The well-known brand Vileda has brought out something similar, where the leash can be extended to a length of 10 m, but there is no possibility here to attach hangers non-slip. I can also imagine that with the product from Vileda, the leash sags quite a bit when you pull it to the full length.

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