The Stormtrooper in a whiskey glass for $8.90

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Anyone who has carefully analyzed the accuracy of the Stromtrooper from the Star Wars films will have noticed that the imperialist foot troops are not exactly the most accurate. Whether that’s because the Troopers may have drunk a little too much target water or not enough, no one knows. But if you’d like to have a sip, you’d better do it with these stylish whiskey glasses!

Stormtrooper shape in whiskey glass

With the launch of Episode 8 in 2017, you now have the opportunity to watch the Star Wars saga together with friends during a cozy movie evening. And what glass would be better than this Stormtrooper-style whiskey glass? If you’re not so into alcohol or if the driver is for his group, you can of course fill his glass with other drinks as well. Milk, for example, colours the trooper’s head like white in the film.

stormtrooper whiskey glas filled with milk

The version with the Sith Lord himself: Darth Vader is also suitable for a drink from the dark side of the Force.

stormtrooper glas filled with beer

Even if you might be a Star Trek fan yourself or you can’t do anything with SciFi in general, the glass is still a great gift idea for all Star Wars fans. And if you prefer it a little darker, you can have a look at the skull schnapps glasses.

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  • Profile picture from N.Y.Scott
    # 10.02.19 um 21:07


    Not to be a nit, but, that is not a Stormtrooper. That is Darth Vader

    • Profile picture from Maike
      # 11.02.19 um 15:31

      Maike CG team

      @N.Y.Scott, the first two pictures are Stormtrooper and the third is Darth Vader, as it is explained in the article.

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