Suitcase scale for $2.95: The next trip is sure to come

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

I’ll pack my suitcase and take it with me: A toothbrush, two pairs of shoes, an air mattress… and before you know it, the bag is full and your favourite shirt has to be sorted out so that you somehow stay below the weight limit at the airport check-in. The mobile suitcase scale doesn’t solve the problem either, but at least it makes weighing a little less troublesome and also possible on the way.

Suitcase scale

Off to the next journey

If anyone doesn’t know the principle yet: The piece of luggage to be weighed is attached to the scale by a hook or loop, the scale is then lifted (some muscle power may be required here), and the weight can then be read off a small LCD display. This is especially handy if you have been busy shopping on holiday and can hardly carry your suitcase.

The scales are available in different versions, mainly differentiated between maximum weight and accuracy. Whether the upper limit is at 40 or 50kg is not important for the travel bag, if you don’t want to bring bowling balls for the whole family. It becomes problematic rather with too light objects, which are not recognized by the scales then any longer correctly. The minimum values here vary between 10 and 100g.

Suitcase scale on a backpack

If you are still looking for your next holiday and want to save a few dollars compared to the models from local shops, you will certainly find what you are looking for. Take up hardly any space and save possible costs.

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